• Keep Scotland Beautiful

    The charity for Scotland's environment.

    Keep Scotland Beautiful

    Keep Scotland Beautiful is the charity that campaigns, acts and educates on a range of local, national and global environmental issues to change behaviour and improve the quality of people’s lives and the places they care for. We are committed to making Scotland clean, green and more sustainable.

  • Eco-Schools

    Sustainable Development Education


    Eco-Schools is an international programme designed to encourage whole-school action on sustainable development education issues. It is an environmental management tool, a learning resource and a recognised award scheme. It empowers young people to take action towards an economically, socially and environmentally just world.

  • Young Reporters for the Environment

    Sustainable Development Education

    Young Reporters for the Environment

    Young Reporters for the Environment is an international sustainable development education programme for young people aged 11-21. It empowers and encourages young people to investigate and report on environmental concerns and issues of sustainable development.

  • Clean Up Scotland

    Environmental Quality

    Clean Up Scotland

    Clean Up Scotland is the mass-engagement anti-litter campaign that is working to make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe. We are working to change long-term behaviour by making dropping litter as socially unacceptable as drink driving is today.

  • Beautiful Scotland

    Environmental Quality

    Beautiful Scotland

    Beautiful Scotland is a long-established community environmental improvement campaign run in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society. Previously known as Beautiful Scotland in Bloom, the programme supports community groups across Scotland as they seek to improve and enhance their local environment.

  • Local Environmental Quality Network

    Environmental Quality

    Local Environmental Quality Network

    Local Environmental Quality Network is a partnership programme for local authorities and other land managers or duty bodies which aims to bring about an improvement in the cleanliness and quality of the environment on publicly accessible land through effective, efficient management and targeted action.

  • It's Your Neighbourhood

    Environmental Quality

    It's Your Neighbourhood

    It's Your Neighbourhood is a community environmental improvement campaign run in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society and supported by McDonald's. It runs alongside the Beautiful Scotland programme but is non-competitive with a greater emphasis on community participation than on horticultural improvement.

  • Seaside Awards

    Environmental Quality

    Seaside Awards

    The Scottish Seaside Awards programme exists to reward good beach management, which increases the pleasure local people derive from their beach and also benefits the local economy through an expansion in tourism.

  • Blue Flag

    Environmental Quality

    Blue Flag

    The Blue Flag is an international beach award programme, operational in almost 50 countries worldwide. The award covers environmental education and information, water quality, environmental management, and safety and services.

  • Sustainable Scotland Network

    Sustainability & Climate Change

    Sustainable Scotland Network

    The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) supports public sector action on sustainable development, focussing on climate change and sustainable procurement. Building on over a decade's work with local government, SSN now gives its support to the whole Scottish public sector.

  • Climate Challenge Fund

    Sustainability & Climate Change

    Climate Challenge Fund

    The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) is a Scottish Government programme, managed and administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful, which provides funding for community groups that are tackling climate change through local community-led projects.