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One Planet Picnic

One Planet Picnic

One Planet Picnic

Welcome to One Planet Picnic

A picnic that's good for you and good for the planet.

What is One Planet Picnic?

It is a fun way to make your food and drink choices environmentally friendly.  Look at the step by step guide below for inspiration and ideas.

Find out how to organise your One Planet Picnic
Read our step by step guide

Who can hold a One Planet Picnic?
Anyone can, individuals, families or groups. You can make your own lunch a One Planet Picnic.  You can organise one for other people.  Have a look at the One Planet Picnic Guide for tips on organising one.

When can I hold a One Planet Picnic?
Choose a time to suit you - as a celebration, a way to relax with friends or colleagues or some time to enjoy by yourself.  Share a photo, recipe or tip on social media and tag #OnePlanetPicnic @KSBScotland.    

Where can I have a One Planet Picnic?
Indoors or outside, depending on the weather and wherever you have permission and can stay socially distant at work, on holiday, at school. and at home.

How can I have a One Planet Picnic?
Follow the five principles as much as you can:

  1. Local and seasonal foods - what grows well in Scotland and the UK?
  2. Organically grown - food that looks after the soil and wildlife too.
  3. Ethically traded - food that respects the people who produce it.
  4. Reduce packaging waste - especially single use plastic.
  5. Reduce food waste - it makes sense!


Schools from any sector can have a One Planet Picnic.

One Planet Picnic can be part of your transition work, or an end of term celebration.

It is a great way to use and celebrate your harvests at the start of the new academic year or to celebrate a school achievement -  an Eco-Schools Green Flag perhaps!

Youth groups

One Planet Picnic is part of the Keep Scotland Beautiful Challenge badge for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. 

Scouts, have a One Planet Picnic for one of your Challenge Awards.

Make your youth group refreshments good for you and good for the planet.

Public organisations and businesses

Have a One Planet Picnic as part of your work to support Healthy Working Lives, or to tie into your CSR.

Enhance your processes of greening your organisation, with a One Planet Picnic.

Use One Planet Picnic to contribute to your sustainability duties or to review your food procurement.

Community groups

Make One Planet Picnic a social event for your members. It's a great theme and you can share your recipes.

Plan a One Planet Picnic as a reward for your volunteers' work.

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