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Climate Action Schools

What is Climate Action Schools?

Climate Action Schools is our framework of education initiatives to support Scotland’s educators, young people and children to progress Learning for Sustainability and climate change education. 

Climate Action Schools focuses on five main outcomes: Learning for Sustainability; Climate Emergency; Biodiversity; Litter and Pollution; and amplifying Pupil Voice.

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Climate Action Schools 2024 Impact Report

This report is a celebration of the achievements to progress climate change education and Learning for Sustainability with children, young people and educators in schools across Scotland during 2023 – 2024.

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The largest sustainable schools programme in the world with 19.5 million children, young people and educators engaged worldwide in 74 different countries. Recognised by the Green Flag Award - a visible indication of your school's commitment to Learning for Sustainability and an internationally recognised accreditation for excellence in sustainable education.

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Learning About Forests (LEAF)

A learning programme that advocates outdoor learning and hands-on experiences, resulting in pupils gaining a deeper and more involved understanding of the natural world. The LEAF programme rests on the belief that children need to experience nature both for themselves and for society as a whole. With more than half the world's population living in urban areas, the need to connect with nature is even more important. 

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Young Reporters for the Environment

An environmental journalism competition that gives young people the opportunity to share their thoughts on environmental issues they feel strongly about through writing, photography, and videos.

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Live Lessons

More lessons coming in the new school year

Interactive lessons supporting our education programmes delivered live online and accompanied by classroom activities and teaching notes. Lessons are recorded so you can watch them again. 

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Climate Ready Classrooms

A one-day accredited Carbon Literacy training course designed for High School pupils.  It uses interactive activities and examples to start a conversation about climate change.  Upon completing the course, pupils receive Carbon Literacy accreditation.

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LfS Education

Our Learning for Sustainability Education covers your pupils’ entire school career from nursery to secondary providing progression within and between sectors as well as the opportunity to engage at all stages.

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Pocket Garden

Each year, we invite young people from schools across Scotland to send in their designs for a colourful and exciting environmentally friendly, pocket-sized garden.  

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One Planet Picnic

A One Planet Picnic is a picnic that is good for you and good for the planet. 

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Dandelion Project

The Dandelion Schools Growing Initiative was delivered in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful. With the aim of re-establishing Harvest as an event on the national calendar, Dandelion brought together community development, horticulture, live music, learning, sustainable thinking and innovative arts practice.

We are pleased to be able to offer resources from the Dandelion project for you to use with your class.

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Upstream Battle®

Marine litter pollution is one of the biggest challenges facing the environment, but 80% of marine litter comes from land; washed into gutters, blown into streams, lost down drains, it makes it's way into waterways and eventually to the sea. Our Upstream Battle activities raise awareness of these issues and support pupils in taking action to tackle 'source to sea' litter.

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Professional Learning & Training

Interactive online sessions to support educators to deliver our environmental education programmes in their context, plus new training sessions directed at pupils to support their experience. 

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Food & the Environment

Learn about the environmental implications of what we eat, the value of healthy, stable ecosystems to growing our food, and food cultures in Scotland and around the world.

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Litter Less Plus

A year long campaign to reduce litter, waste and invisible pollutants by encouraging a circular economy approach to the way our homes, schools, businesses and communities work.  The campaign features webinars, activities and grants to support circular economy projects.

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Make connections with a school in another country through your work on Eco-Schools, YRE or LEAF.   

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