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Cup Movement®

Our single-use cup problem

Latest estimates suggest over 388 million single-use cups are used in Scotland each year*: an unimaginable number of cups that we are throwing away. And, if only 4% of these are currently recycled, what happens to the remaining 96%? Most go to landfill and far too many just end up littering our beautiful country.

Cup Movement® aims to tackle this problem.


*Zero Waste Scotland (2022) Consumption of Single-use Disposable Beverage Cups in Scotland 

Cup Movement®

What is Cup Movement®?

Cup Movement aims to transform our relationship with single-use cups, by working across the board, with those who buy, sell and use cups, to find solutions that work.  Cup Movement aims to:

  • Raise awareness, share information and help people to make more sustainable cup choices.
  • Work together with key stakeholders to trial different approaches for reducing cup waste.
  • Provide robust evidence to inform policy and practice.
  • Create successful and replicable place-based models.
  • Contribute to the Scottish Government's policies and ambitions.

Let’s reduce cup waste

To reduce cup waste, we want to:

  • ensure that far fewer cups are littered
  • increase cup recycling rates
  • increase the use of reusable and returnable cups.

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