Beach Awards

Scotland's Beach Award is the benchmark for quality beaches which are well managed and enjoyed by people across the country.

Scotland's Beach Awards celebrate clean, well managed and sustainable beaches. Awarded beaches demonstrate excellent beach management and environmental best practice, ensuring the maintenance of high standards.

Beaches and the coastal environment is a critical habitat for many marine species and is the basis for many important economic activities, including tourism, coastal recreation and fishing, as well as property values.

The award recognises excellence in beach management, access and facilities, cleanliness, safety and further enhances community engagement to reflect the needs of beach users.

It is important for us all to recognise the significant value of the coastline and the serious harm to the economy that takes place when natural resources are poorly managed or neglected. This is especially true in a country which places importance on its natural resources for recreation and tourism.

Please see our Beach Map for more information on each of our award winning beaches. 

We will open for 2018 applications in January next year.