National Award for Environmental Excellence

Our National Award for Environmental Excellence is a ground-breaking national award programme to support, recognise and reward organisations of all sizes across Scotland on their path to environmental excellence.

National Award for Environmental Excellence
For more detailed information about the 5 elements of the award download the PDF.

This award provides a standardised method to assess and benchmark environmental achievement and improvements whilst giving clear insights into the impact on local environmental quality and the role your organisation has within your local community.  It sets the foundation for an effective and robust organisation wide environmental management system. 

It has been designed as an entry stage tool that enables your organisation to make incremental changes to your environmental quality policies and practices. Even small changes to environmental quality can save time and money and tracking improvements through the award is an excellent way for your organisation to demonstrate that you take your social responsibilities seriously, and gain independent recognition for your efforts.

The award supports and integrates with other quality management systems and can help evidence improvements in practices over the five elements of:

  • Administration
  • Environmental Quality – external
  • Environmental Quality – internal
  • Waste management
  • Community engagement


Benefits of the Award for Environmental Excellence:

  • Saves time and money in the tendering process for waste management contracts 
  • Develops better procurement processes with a focus on long-term sustainability
  • Helps to reduce waste
  • Helps to increase recycling rates
  • Helps to improve customer satisfaction and increased customer footfall
  • Develops stronger corporate social responsibility strategies


To find out how the Keep Scotland Beautiful Award for Environmental Excellence can help your organisation meet its corporate,  social and legal responsibilities please contact our team on 01786 471333 or email