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Have a look through our guides, resources, and important documents. Everything you need to enter the competition can be found here.

Media Consent

Film and photo permissions

When creating any sort of visual or audio media, it is very important to ensure you gain permission from anyone who feature in the content.

Any person (subject) in the film, photograph, or audio recording need to understand how the content will be used, how long it will be be kept for, and how they are protected by data protection law.

Download the Young Reporters Scotland media consent form and make sure you send it in along with your media submission.

Download media consent form


Struggling for inspiration or ideas? Have a look through this selection of websites that may help you get the creativity flowing.

Resources for teachers

Download the Young Reporters Scotland Curriculum Linked Teaching Resource which contains guidance, stimulus discussions, activites and Curriculum Outcomes and Measures.

Introducing Young Reporters Scotland:

We have created a Powerpoint slide with some getting started with Young Reporters Scotland activities to help you introduce Young Reporters Scotland to your pupils.  You can download this along with our slide guide.  This is a great session to really get your pupils thinking about sustainability and what it means to be a Young Reporter.

Getting Started with Young Reporters Scotland PPT

Getting Started with Young Reporters Scotland Slide Guide

Access Lesson Plans on Litter & Waste (aged 11-18 years)


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