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Resources for reporters

Resources for reporters

Here you'll find everything you need to tell your story through writing, photography or video, as well as networking opportunities and resources on our three main themes: Climate Action, Biodiversity Loss and Pollution. 

Reporting 101

Resources on effectively telling your story through photography, video, and writing.

Climate Action Schools Year Planner - Keep track of your Eco-Schools work and our offering of lessons and training with our new Climate Action Schools planner. Printable on A3 for your Eco-Committee to write on.


Photography 101 - A tutorial on telling a story through photographs.

Videography 101 - A tutorial on telling stories with video.

Writing 101 - A tutorial on how to tell your story in a written article.


Perry's Picture Pointers: Smartphone Photography - Photographer Andrew Perry talks about smartphone photography.

Perry's Picture Pointers: Composition - Learn about composition, saturation, and exposure in this video.

Perry's Picture Pointers: On Location - Advice on how to shoot good video outdoors. 

Perry's Picture Pointers: Editing - Learn how to edit your footage to tell the best story.


Environmental Journalism: Photos - Free online course on FEE Academy on storytelling through photography.

Environmental Journalism: Video - Learn the basics of videography and create your own film. 

Environmental Journalism: Writing - Learn the basics of writing informative articles and create your own. 

How to Conduct a Good Interview - A guide on how to get the most from an interview.

Speaking Up for the Planet - Workbook and video on confident public speaking from FEE and the Speakers Trust.

YRE Alumni - Interested in a career in journalism? Join young people speaking for the environment internationally.

YRE Hub - A platform to share your stories and connect with others

YRE Webinars from FEE - Free webinars for teachers and Young Reporters from FEE.

Spotting Disinformation

It is important to be able to choose trustworthy and accurate sources of information, especially online.

How to Spot Fake News - How to read beyond the headlines.

Spot & Fight Disinformation Toolkit - Learn how to spot what is false information and what is real.

The Debunking Handbook - The science of misinformation from George Mason University.

Climate Action

A Guide to Climate Change - What is climate change and how will it affect you?

Blue Gold: the Dwindling Resource of Water - Climate change and water lesson from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE.

Climate Action Scenario - Lesson on climate change for ages 15-18 from FEE.

Climate Action Live Lessons - Recorded lessons with classroom resources. What is climate change and how is it affecting the oceans, our food and nature? 

Climate Change & Southern Voices - Climate Justice lessons from FEE and the Siemenpuu Foundation.

Climate Change Infographic - Infographic explaining the climate emergency.

Climate Influencer (13+) - Use social media for good and create your own content to urge others to take climate action. 

Climate Negotiations (12+) - Put yourself in the shoes of global decision makers and see if you can agree on a climate solution. 

Climate Ready Classrooms - Accredited Carbon Literacy course for primary and secondary pupils

Film Club - Use films to start the conversation about climate change. 

Food for the Future - Lesson plans on food and climate from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE.

Oceans, Water & Me - How climate change is affecting the oceans.

Ranking Activity (10+) - Explore how different countries contribute to and experience climate change. 

Where to Start Activity - Activity to think about your role within the climate movement.

When Food Becomes Trash - Food waste and climate lesson from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE.

Youth Climate Films - Climate change films produced by young people.

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity & COP15 Live Lesson 2022 - Interactive lessons on our Biodiversity Topic timed to coincide with the UN Biodiversity COP15 in Montreal. 

Comic Strip Template - Create a comic strip about the story of a plastic bottle, a marine animal or anything else!

Environmental Protection & Indigenous Knowledge - Lesson plan from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE.

Gaia 20:30 Campaign - International FEE Campaign on protecting Biodiversity

Gaia 20:30 Biodiversity Resources - FEE recommended resources on Biodiversity. 

Mini Live Lesson with Froglife - We welcome British wildlife charity Froglife for a fantastic workshop all about pond building and creating wildlife habitats in schools and communities.

Protecting Wild Animal Habitat - Lesson plan on conservation from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE

Pollinators Under Threat - Biodiversity lesson from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE

Protecting Our Forests - Lessons on deforestation from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE.

Urban Green Spaces - Lessons on habitat for biodiversity from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE.

Wildlife Watching - How to spot wildlife at Scotland's beaches.


A Brief History of Plastic - A look into the history of how, when and why this material ushered in the plastics century.

Lights, Camera, Plastic - Share your thoughts about plastic pollution in a 3 minute campaign video informing others about the issue and what everyone can do about it.

Litter & Waste Lesson Plans - Lesson plans on waste minimisation and litter from FEE.

Ocean Plastics Live Lesson - Join Doug Allan for a lesson on ocean plastics. 

Ocean Plastics Classroom Resource - To accompany the Ocean Plastics Live Lesson. 

Plastic Pollution Live Lesson 2022 - What are the problems and benefits of plastic? How did we end up having such a big problem with plastic?

Plastic Waste and it's Impact - Lessons on plastic waste from Deutsche Welle in partnership with FEE.

Roadside Litter Presentation - A PowerPoint presentation about the issue of Roadside Litter for Upper Primary.

Roadside Litter Teaching Resource - Teaching resource to accompany our presentation. 

Scottish Spring Clean Live Lesson 2022 - Interactive lessons supporting Scottish Spring Clean - one of our flagship campaigns to keep Scotland beautiful. 

Single Use Plastic Infographics - Infographics from Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland on single use plastic

Single Use Plastic - Find out how much single use plastic you use. 

Source to Sea Litter - Investigate the pathway from source to sea in your community. 

The Story of Bottled Water - look into the concept of manufactured design, and how a marketing decision helped make single use plastic popular.

Trash Hack - UNESCO Classroom resources on waste reduction.

Waste Audit - Find out what's in the bin and how you can make less waste.

Additional Topics

Campaign for Change Letter & Email Template - Use your voice to ask for change

Gender Equality Scenario - Gender equality lessons for ages 11-14 from FEE

Zero Hunger Scenario - Lessons on food and hunger from FEE.

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