#UpstreamBattle Week of Action

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It is estimated the 12.7 million tonnes of plastic gets into the sea each and every year – that’s a truck full of litter a minute! It’s killing wildlife, threatening ecosystems and habitats, and is extremely difficult and expensive to clean up.

Litter dropped on land is washed into gutters, blown into streams and makes its way via our rivers into the ocean. Focused on the River Clyde and its tributaries, Upstream Battle is our ambitious campaign to stop litter on land reaching the sea.

Live near the River Clyde?

We need you to TAKE ACTION and stop litter at the source before it reaches the marine environment.

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Find out how you can #StopMarineLitter below:

Join a clean up on a local waterway

If you don’t feel confident organising a clean up, join an event that is already taking place. Everyone is welcome to come along. The more hands the lighter the work!

Come along to one of our Upstream Battle events during the week:


Sat 14th September

Week of Action Kick off event @ Campsie Glen - with Keep Scotland Beautiful and East Dunbartonshire Council - 10am-2pm 

- Find out more

Dumbarton Clean Up - with Friends of Dumbarton Foreshore - 10:30am

- Find out more

Erskine Waterfront Clean Up - with Erskine Community Garden - 11am

- Find out more

Sun 15th September

Rosshall Park Clean Up - with Glasgow Geocaching CITO group - 9:30am-11am

- Find out more

Clean Up on the Luggie - with Luggiewatch - 10am

- Find out more

Greenhall Park Clean Up - with Friends of the River Calder - 10:30am-11:30am

- Find out more

Alexander Hamilton Memorial Park Clean Up - with Friends of Stonehouse Park - 2pm

- Find out more

Mon 16th September 

National Cycle Network Route 7 Clean Up in Glasgow - with Sustrans - 10am

- Find out more

Kelvin meets the Clyde Clean Up on South Shore, Govan - with FORK and Glasgow Building Preservation Trust - 11am-2pm

- Find out more

Wed 18th September

Neilston Clean Up - with Neilston Development Trust - 9:45am (meet at the bank, 84 Main Street)

- Find out more

Greenock Clean Up - with Belville Community Garden and Rig Arts - 10:30am-12pm (meet at Craigend resource centre)

- Find out more

Thursday 19th September

Bowling Harbour and Beach Clean up with Scottish Canals - 10am

- Find out more

Glasgow Lunchtime Clean Up and Survey near Glasgow Green and the Gorbals - with Keep Scotland Beautiful - 12pm-2pm

Find out more and RSVP to upstreambattle@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

Film night with Keep Scotland Beautiful and Glasgow Over Plastics - Glad Cafe - 6:30pm-9pm

- Find out more

All equipment is provided for the above events but please wear appropriate clothing and brings gloves if you have them. Please RSVP to let us know if you are coming along. Times and exact meet up locations are to be confirmed but if you email us your interest we will keep you updated. Email to: upstreambattle@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

If none of these suit you, check out our Clean Up Map to join another event.

Share your efforts on twitter or facebook #UpstreamBattle #StopMarineLitter @KSBScotland @CleanUpScotland


Spread the word

Add your voice to the campaign and help us spread the message that littering our streets and parks can mean littering our oceans. Not everyone has made the connection between litter on land and what is ending up in the ocean.

Use our social media cards which are designed to be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts with your friends and family.

You can also join the conversation by shedding light on a litter issue near your local waterway or telling us how you are taking action.

Don’t forget to tag us in #UpstreamBattle #StopMarineLitter @KSBScotland @CleanUpScotland

Adopt your local waterway

All waterways across the Clyde Valley drain to the ocean! Adopt your local waterway and help us collect information on the types and amounts of litter that have the potential to enter the marine environment. Whether you are an individual or a community group it’s easy to get involved.

If you are doing a survey why not add a Clean Up activity as well. 

Use our posters to advertise your event.

Find out how to get involved

Don't forget to take pictures and tag us in #UpstreamBattle #StopMarineLitter @KSBScotland @CleanUpScotland



Do a #2MinuteCleanup

Not got the time to organise or join a clean up event? Good news is you don’t have to! It doesn’t take long… two minutes in fact! Take a bag and a set of gloves to your local waterway, park or street. You could even head out on your lunch break. Clean up what you can in whatever time you have and you have done your bit towards tackling marine litter.

More on the #2MinuteCleanup

Again don't forget to share what you are up to on facebook and twitter #UpstreamBattle #StopMarineLitter @KSBScotland @CleanUpScotland

Tell us how you will take action on marine litter


Are you a teacher?

We have compiled a range of resources to help get you get your school involved in the Upstream Battle Week of Action. 

Find out how to get your school involved


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