St Pius Primary School - The Drowned One

Project Title: The Drowned One

We conducted our investigation by litter picking in both the playground with my group after lunch and visiting the Dighty Burn in Dundee to do a litter pick of the water. We focused our investigation in the School playground and in Douglas. We measured the scale of the problem by using litter surveys to measure how many items we collected and of what type.

We think that litter might get from the community to the sea possibly by wind carrying it there. In our investigation the most common pieces of litter we found were plastic bottles and sweetie wrappers. We think they are commonly used items, and they have half full liquids in them on the ground beside a bin.

We think that having more bins in our school would help tackle the problem. The actions we could take include putting litter in the bin, not using plastic and use glass and finally, use your bins. We have been seeing changes in the school and community. We have been seeing less litter in our playground and in the community. Our art piece conveys this message by showing how much littering hurts the sea and the creatures that live in it.

The Drowned One

Pupils made a sculpture using litter

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