St Pius Primary School - Poem

Project Title: Poem

We focused our investigation on litter in our playground and local area by completing litter picks in our school playground and going to the Dighty Burn in Dundee to do a litter pick there.

We found that because there are sometimes not enough bins then people are less likely to take away their rubbish and leave it on the ground where it could make its way to the sea. The most common item we found out of our rubbish we picked were paper, cans, crisp packets, cardboard and other supplies commonly used for eating and drinking.

I think to get more people recycling the council should get more recycling bins put in places including our playground. This might encourage more people to recycle. I think it would take a while to get the whole school to recycle everything, but it could be done in small steps.

Our class has been more aware of littering and are trying not to do it and encourage others not to as well. My poem focuses on how rubbish affects the environment and the people living in it.

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