Logierait Primary School

Project Title: Love Beaver

We carried out a survey of our playground, to establish what different types of rubbish there were.  We chose our playground, as this seemed like a sensible place for us, as it’s an area that we can measure change. 

The pupils considered what types of rubbish there may be in the playground and then were able to classify it.  As we are a rural school, the pupils were focused on the impact of leaving rubbish in the playground to the wildlife that use our space.  The pupils are focussed on how to prevent rubbish getting into the local river.

We found that the majority of the litter in the playground came from pupils of our school.  We also found that nearly all of our rubbish can be recycled. We found the following types of litter crisp packets, foil wrappers, plastic bottles and plastic bags. These are commonly found in the playground and are mainly from our pupils.

We have learned about the impact of rubbish in the ocean, and want to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into the ocean.  We have made posters to highlight the issue and encourage people who use our playground to put their rubbish in the recycling bin. We wrote to our Parent Council to ask for a bin to put rubbish in in the playground so that we can recycle most of our rubbish.

We live in area where beavers have been introduced, so we choose to make a beaver to highlight how rubbish in the river can impact them.

Pupils said:

'We need to make an advert to tell the pupils of our school and the people who come to use our greenspace that they need to put their litter in the bin.'  

'We made a beaver out of rubbish, we chose a beaver because beavers live in the river very close to our school and it lives in Scotland.'

'We have learned about the impact of rubbish in the ocean, and want to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into the ocean.'

Litter Pledge:

We pledge to put our rubbish in the recycling bin so we can recycle it.


Logierait Primary School's entry to the Marine Litter Art competition

Pupils created a beaver out of litter

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