Kirkmichael Primary School

Project title: Klean Kirky!

Primary 6 & 7 pupils in Kirkmichael School have the River Ardle literally running alongside the school grounds so this project took our interest. We undertook a survey and pick of the litter in the school grounds, then an Upstream Battle Litter Survey of 100m along the river bank beside the school which we uploaded to the Keep Scotland Beautiful online portal.

In general the feeling was that the area around our school is reasonably litter free – most people have pride in their local community. But we did note how easily litter beside the water could end up in the river, polluting our seas and endangering wildlife. We worked on mapping out the route from the Ardle River to the sea and noted how it moves from the Ardle to the River Ericht and from there to the River Isla before joining the River Tay and ending up in the Firth of Tay.

Most of the litter in our survey was plastic and it was easy to track how it could travel to the sea. Much of the litter recorded around the river seemed to be near the car park area which may be significant. Content varied but a large proportion was food packaging.

The class would like the wider community to be aware of this issue and it was agreed that a local community space only a couple of hundred yards from the school, The Session House, would host the physical art pieces for the competition to help raise awareness. The display includes a QR code which the community can scan to see the children’s video presentation alongside their poem and pledges.

The pledges the class agreed were:

- NEVER EVER drop litter – take it home if there’s no bin!

- Fortnightly litter pick in the school grounds by P6/7
- Start collecting food waste from our snacks and lunches for the Kirkmichael community garden compost

- Re-use materials and throw out less!

The children all took responsibility for different parts of the project – Josie, Jamie and Louie were particularly good with the IT, Wojciech with the planning of the art piece and the uploading of picture evidence onto laptops from the IPads. Freya, Annie R, Emily, Daisy and Grace enjoyed the art aspects and produced much of our lovely display. Annie P worked on our Sea Litter poem and Albie on the mapping out of the route while Fraser and Ruby contributed throughout and were always willing to help plug any gaps. It was a great team effort and we had fun and learned so much doing it!

Staff to thank include the main class teacher Sean Dowling, the teacher next door Kirsty Fish and Headteacher Mr Loudon who had the idea to do this in the first place!

Kirkmichael Primary School's entry to the Marine Litter Art competition.

Pupils show their artwork to guests at the local gallery.

Kirkmichael Primary school artwork and display

Kirkmichael Primary School Group Photo with artwork

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