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Project Title : Stop Marine Litter


Stop Marine Litter

We spent an afternoon litter picking in school grounds. We found a lot more litter than we thought there would be since we litter pick quite regularly and there are only 27 pupils in our school.

Most of our litter was crisp packets, we assume from snack at playtime! We were pretty shocked that there were so many. Another surprise was the amount of household litter e.g. bread bags which we assumed had blown into our school grounds from surrounding bins in the village and beyond.

We investigated where our school is in relation to the Sea. We all came up with a suggestion of how the litter travels to the sea from our school. We all agreed that it is likely that the litter gets blown into nearby streams and drains and then travels down to the River Tay. From there it is a direct route to the Sea. We could clearly see how litter ends up in the seas and oceans.

Map of the predicted route of litter from source to sea.

We discussed what we could do to tackle Marine Litter. We decided that the first thing we needed to do was to make sure there was no litter escaping from the bins in the playground. It had been quite windy prior to our litter pick and we had noticed that some of the bins had toppled / their lids had came off. We decided to make sure we checked the bins at the end of each school day to make sure the lids were firmly on so no litter would escape. We discussed what else we could do and someone suggested that we have a day where pupils bring zero waste snacks (snacks that are not contained in single use plastic or packets.) After some discussion, we decided to pledge we would do this every Monday. We all wrote draft letters to the parents to inform them of our plan and ask for their support. We have noticed most families supporting this on a Monday and other days too. We wrote a report around the Marine Litter problem and used this to inform our families at home.

We hope to continue raising awareness, particularly through our art by asking parents/ carers to view it, posting on Social Media and revisiting our learning.

We have learned so much this term about Marine Litter and we are motivate and keen to help make a difference by spreading the word and campaigning for cleaner school grounds and community.

We spent time discussing what we would like to create and how then voted on our designs.

We watched the workshops to help. We used recycled card, newspapers, magazines, bottle tops, nets and plastic nets (food wrappers). We made our own Eco friendly glue from flour and water. We collected snack packets at break and used them for the whale’s spout. We hope you like it!

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