Marine Litter Art Competition 2024

We invited pupils from across Tayside to research the 'source to sea' pathway of marine litter and explore how litter in their community could end up as marine litter in the sea. Following their investigations, we invited participants to represent their thoughts through an artistic medium such as sculpture, paintings, photographs, video or poetry. All entries are displayed below. 

First Place

Forgandenny Primary School

Free the Sea of Litter for You and Me!

Forgandenny pupils created a short stop motion animation with paper cutouts, telling the story of litter's path from Source to Sea.

Judges said:  "Great short film with lots of action taken on litter within the community. We were very impressed by the animation. It was fun and engaging and strongly promoted the message. It also really inspired us around the amount of investigation that was carried out. What a beautiful project carried out so creatively!"

Second Place

Kirkmichael Primary School

Clean Kirky!

Kirkmichael pupils built a model of the River Ardle which runs alongside the school. They have also made a video to describe the survey work they undertook, and how the model was built.

Judges said: "Great artwork and really helpful video. A very thorough project, beautifully presented, well researched with community sharing of the results. Followed up with a poem and a school pledge. True understanding of change was shown with further plans to protect the seas and the animals that live there."

Third Place

Abernyte Primary School

Stop Marine Litter

Abernyte pupils created a whale sculputure from recycled card, newspapers, magazines, bottle tops, nets and plastic nets glued together with flour paste.  They also created a map of the journey of litter from Source to Sea.

Judges said: "Very impressive artwork and lots of examples of action on litter and research. We loved the whale collage and the map including the direction of travel of waste, this showed a strong understanding of the litter issue. Overall a brilliant project in all criteria."

All Entries


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