Source to Sea Week

To raise awareness about the Upstream Battle campaign we held a targeted Source to Sea week as part of our national #SpringClean19 campaign. We called upon communities across Scotland to take part in a series of litter pick activities, or arrange their own during the week of the 4th - 10th May.

As part of the week we were delighted to welcome and tour Hubbub’s ‘Poly Roger’ Plastic Fishing Punt along the Forth and Clyde canal. Supported by Scottish Canals, the 'Poly Roger' began its journey at the Falkirk Wheel, and travelled across central Scotland visiting Kirkintilloch, Furhill and Dalmuir.

During the week we took 85 ‘plastic fishers’ out on the punt. Together we pulled out over 52 large tubs of litter including nearly 700 plastic bottles. We also pulled out a range of strange items including fishing poles, ten footballs, an outdoor chair, one sports shoe, a traffic cone and a beautiful brass horse and cart.

Check out the images of our 'plastic fishers' aboard the Poly Roger below.

A traffic cone rescued from the bottom of the canal.

Launching the Plastic Fishing Tour at the Falkirk Wheel

Out 'plastic fishing' in the Poly Roger!

Our 'plastic fishers' at Kirkintilloch marina

4 big tubs of litter pulled out of the Forth and Clyde canal

Plastic fishing in the Forth and Clyde canal at Dalmuir

Upstream Battle supporters NVT plastic fishing.

8 tubs of litter fished out of the canal at Dalmuir.

Our proud 'Plastic fishers' at Maryhill stadium.

Brass horse and cart - Antiques roadshow here we come!


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