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St Margaret's High School

Before looking at a potential solution, pupils at St Margaret's High School carried out some research on how water in their local area joins the river Clyde.

They found that the North Calder Water flows through a local village called Chapelhall, where a lot of pupils from St Margaret’s live, so they decided to target this area for their solution.

Pupils were looking for a simple, sustainable way to keep Litter from entering the oceans. 

Their solution contains two parts: a contraption that stops litter from flowing through with sensors and a recycling plant to sort out the litter pulled from the water. This contraption is called Cleaner of the Clyde.

Cleaner of the Clyde includes a fine wire net, AI trained sensors, rotating device, rolling conveyor and drainage hole. The group plans to use tidal power to power it all, so it is not using unnecessary electricity and is capable of working 24/7.

CTC would be made using fully sustainable materials such as recycled steel, acrylic grass, and pozzolana cement.

As a group we all agree that this challenge has been an extraordinary experience for all of us and it opened our eyes to how bad pollution is in Scotland and all over the world. It has helped us build up our communication and team working skills. We are happy to be part of a solution that is affecting our generation and making a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

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