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Marine Litter Art Competition

We are asking young people across the West Partnership to participate in our Marine Litter Art Competition to raise awareness about marine litter and it’s ‘source to sea journey’ in a creative way, such as models, sculptures, photographs, video or poetry. The more imaginative, the better!

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View previous examples of entries to the competition

Citizen Science

We know that 80% of marine litter is estimated to come from land and we are leading a citizen science project to build a detailed picture of litter across the River Clyde and River Tay.

Your school can help contribute by completing a litter survey at your local waterway. We have put together a large format surveying guide and accompanying teaching resource for you to download. Once you have completed a survey submit your data to Clean up Scotland portal or email to upstreambattle@keepscotlandbeautiful.org.

Large format surveying guide

Presentation for young people on marine litter and surveying

Clean Up Scotland

We are challenging all schools across the Clyde Valley and Tayside to join in a Clean Up event as part of Upstream Battle. 

80% of marine litter comes from land. We want to stop it at the source. Organising a litter pick near your local waterway you will not only make a difference in your local area but also prevent litter from making its way to sea. 

Find out more on organising a Clean Up activity

'Live Lesson' with Doug Allan

Doug Allan is a natural history cameraman and presenter on programmes including Blue Planet. Doug went 'live' on our YouTube channel to share his experiences, talk about his work and his own career pathway and answered questions from pupils submitted ahead of time. 

Watch lesson on marine litter



Professional Learning Programme

In 2019/2020 a professional learning programme was delivered to a cohort of teachers. The aim was to develop confidence in delivering on each pupil’s entitlement to Learning for Sustainability and build STEM skills through the context of source to sea litter.

Find out more about the professional learning programme



Still looking for more? Have a look through the litter and waste resources on our Eco Schools Scotland pages.



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