Why are these workshops taking place?

Consultation for the Litter and Flytipping Strategy indicated a strong appetite to establish a community focused education programme to help tackle litter, with separate research by us demonstrating high levels of support for educational and behavioural campaigns. The 90-minute Community Litter Workshops are being piloted by us to help address the above. The workshops form part of our actions for the National Litter and Flytipping Strategy's (NLFS) Year 1 Action Plan, in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland and SEPA. The workshops are funded by the Scottish Government. 

Why is there no workshop for my local authority?

As these are a series of pilot workshops, we are looking to establish the effectiveness of in-person and online workshops in a reasonably short period of time, so workshops for all 32 local authorities are not possible at this stage.

Why do the workshops vary between online and in-person?

As these are a series of pilot workshops, we are looking to establish the effectiveness of in-person and online workshops.

Why are people being paid to participate in the workshops?

We hope that the payment encourages participation through helping to cover travel expenses and time spent at the workshop.

Are spaces to attend the workshops limited? 

Yes, to facilitate workshops effectively, spaces for each workshop advertised on Eventbrite are limited.

How do I know if I'm eligible to attend a workshop?

You must live in the relevant area for the workshop you want to attend, be aged 18+ and be at the start of  your litter tackling journey. You'll want to learn more about littering issues, plan a first step to tackle litter in your community, and help shape what future workshops might look like.  Please check the Eventbrite registration pages for further details.

Can I turn up at a workshop without registering to attend?

No. So we can facilitate workshops effectively, spaces for each workshop must be booked via Eventbrite.

Does my registration via Eventbrite secure a space at a workshop?

Yes, you will receive an email after you have registered via Eventbrite that confirms your space. Please note: You must meet the eligibility criteria for the workshop you have registered to attend (see above). We may have to cancel registrations that do not fit the eligibility criteria.

What if I still have questions? How do I get in touch?

Please email us: info@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

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