A selection of written entries from Young Reporters Scotland.  Inspired?  Send in your entry here.


A step into the unknown: climate change and Scotland's outdoors - Ross Brannigan

2018-2019 Winner of Written Category for 22-26 years and 2nd place in the International Young Reporters for the Environment competition.

A look at the potential impact of climate change on Scotland's snow covered wild places.

Read "A step into the unknown"



Plastic Litter in Inverurie - Strathburn Primary School, Aberdeenshire

2018-2019 Winner of Written Category for 8-10 years. 

An article about the history of plastics and why they're such a problem for the environment.

Read "Plastic Litter in Inverurie"



Stop Polluting the Air we Breathe with Car Fumes - Lawmuir Primary School, North Lanarkshire

2018-2019 Winner of the Written Category for 11-14 years.

This article discusses the benefits of active travel and potential barriers to walking and cycling.

Read "Stop Polluting the Air we Breathe with Car Fumes"



Food Waste in the UK

Maryam Majid looks at the issue of food waste in the UK and its contribution to climate change.

Read "Food Waste in the UK"


Reduce Reuse Recycle

Written by Ruby Caldwell-Hardie and Charlotte Ogilvie-Richards on the activities of Moray Waste Busters.

Read "Reduce Reuse Recycle"



Reporting from Gardening Scotland - Grove Academy

Pupils from Grove Academy recently attended the Gardening Scotland event in a YRS capacity and have created a report about the One Planet Picnic Pocket Garden displays.

Read "Reporting from Gardening Scotland"



My Experience as a YRS Reporter

Emma Keith recently had the opportunity to be a YRS Reporter at Gardening Scotland and shared her experience in a blog.

Read "My Experience as a YRS Reporter"



Making A Difference - Linlithgow Bridge Primary School

Katie Junik from Linlithgow Bridge PS tells us about their recent journey to obtaining their seventh Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

Read "Making a Difference"



Pollution, It Matters - City of Glasgow College

Written by Jasmine Lawrie, a photography student at the City of Glasgow College.  Did you know that as of September 2014, there was a whopping 45.5 million people in Great Britain who
had an active driving license? Jasmine discusses some of the impacts of driving on our air and climate.

Read "Pollution, It Matters"



We Have Twelve Years... - Jasmine Lawrie, YRS Ambassador

Jasmine has written an article from the recent media around the UN's prediction that we have just twelve years to tackle the impact we are having on our environment.

Read "We Have Twelve Years..."



Let's Take Action

Sia Shetkar explores humans impact on the earth, the potential effects of climate change and several measures we can all take to live more sustainably.

Read "Let's Take Action"



Climate Change: Dangers vs. Human Effects

A report on the human causes of climate change and its potential impacts on our way of living by Vedashree Upadhyay

Read "Climate Change: Dangers vs. Human Effects"



Your Lunch Means the World - Wallacestone Primary School

Did you know that what you have in your lunch box can affect the whole world?  A group of Young Reporters from Wallacestone Primary School look at the big picture in their packed lunches including climate change, endangered species, equality, and litter on land and in the sea.

Read "Your Lunch Means the World"



The Food Waste Crisis

2016-2017 winner in the 11-14 age category, Amanda Amaeshi

Amanda investigates some of the reasons for food waste and how it can be prevented.

Read "The Food Waste Crisis"



Community Coming Together at Cramond Beach Clean

2016-2017 winner in the 15-18 age category, April Hutchinson

Friends, families and strangers gathered on Saturday 25th January 2017 to help clean Cramond Beach, by giving up their time to pick up litter and record data. Read April's account of her experience at the Beach Clean.

Read "Community Coming Together at Cramond Beach Clean



Geeko-Eco Blog - Louise Cairney

A blog featuring articles on environmental issues and plastic pollution.

Read Louise's Geeko-Eco blog



The Dava Way 

An article to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Dava Way -a popular cycle and walking route along the old Highland railway line between Forres and Grantown. Written by Keavy Bell and Jason Cameron

Read "The Dava Way"



Climate Change - Lanark Grammar School

Written by the S1 Geography Club, looking at the how and why of climate change.

Read "Climate Change"



Improving Biodiversity - Uddingston Grammar School

A PowerPoint presentation by Eco Club Reporters to show
how the club has encouraged biodiversity, and improved
the environment for plants and animals in the local area from June 2016 onwards.

Read "Improving Biodiversity"



Dog Fouling - Stirling High School

2015-2016 winner in the 15-18 age category, Iona McCormick 

In September 2016, Iona McCormick attended our conference on Local Environmental Quality to report on the issue of dog fouling and how it affects her community.  She wrote this report to summarise her experience along with a brilliant description of the Top 5 Dog Fouling Personalities 

Read "Dog Fouling"



Wind Turbines

A PowerPoint presentation on renewable wind energy by Gabrielle Thomson 

Read "Wind Turbines" 



Forres is Blooming Bonnie - Applegrove Primary School

An article celebrating the successes of Beautiful Scotland group Forres in Bloom.

Read "Forres is Blooming Bonnie"



The Community Fights Back

An article about Honeybog Hill in Renfrewshire and the threat of development by Daniel Speirs.

Read "The Community Fights Back"



Scaremongering or Reality

An article on climate change written by Darren Jordan

Read "Scaremongering or Reality"



The Ostrich Generation

Ruaridh Thin-Smith shares his experience working as PR and Marketing Intern at Environmental Art Festival Scotland in 2015 and engaging young people in conversations about environmental issues.

Read "The Ostrich Generation"

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