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Through their work with Young Reporter’s Scotland, the Ambassadors are key to helping you share your voice

The 2017 Young Reporters’ Scotland competition winner, Jasmine Lawrie was invited along to the Young Reporters’ for the Environment (YRE) Mission in Portugal where she had the opportunity to meet fellow reporters’ from around the world.  The Young Reporters’ for the Environment mission’s aim was to create youth leaders of the future with a focus on Sustainable Development Education.  As the Young Reporters' Scotland winner and as part of her attendance at the Mission in Portugal, Jasmine Lawrie is our Ambassador for Scotland and you may see her or have the opportunity to work with her at workshops or events you attend. 

As part of her Ambassador role, Jasmine will be reporting from key events around sustainability and the environment, creating articles and blogs and providing you with tips and support along the way.


Hello, I’m Jasmine, a Young Reporter for the Environment (YRE) Ambassador from Scotland. I first got involved with Young Reporters' Scotland (YRS) in the summer of 2017 when I saw a competition in collaboration with Keep Scotland Beautiful to write an article regarding an environmental issue which we are passionate about. I chose to write about air pollution because it’s a factor which contributes towards our planet and has a serious knock-on effect. As a result, I won the competition. As a YRS winner I had the opportunity to work internationally with YRE and was lucky enough to participate in a workshop over in Portugal for a long weekend whereby we would be learning about sustainability. The weekend was full of discussions, journalism, photography and video-production. I was the only representative from the UK, along with participants from 24 countries worldwide.

I’m currently a photography student based in Glasgow. I was tied between going to university to study journalism, or go to college to study photography. I adore both writing and photography, so the decision was hard to make. Although I study photography, I still try to do as much writing as possible – I have two blogs, one of which is four years old, and the other one I started in 2018. I hope with my second blog (it’s an opinionated blog post which discusses important, topical issues) to spark debate, and possibly influence more people to get involved.




I may only have just started my involvement with YRS, but it’s a decision I am glad I made. I have a few opportunities lined up which I know I will benefit greatly from, and these opportunities will enable me to share my experience with YRS and YRE. YRS gives me the chance to pursue my love for writing and work with like minded young people from around the world through YRE.

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