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There is a clear path from land to sea, with litter dropped on our streets and beaches ending up in our waterways and eventually in the ocean.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 80% of marine and coastal litter comes from land based activities.   Once discarded, plastics are weathered and eroded into very small fragments known as microplastics. These, together with plastic pellets called nurdles are already found in most beaches around the world. 

Plastic litter has a particularly bad effect on marine wildlife. Turtles can’t tell the difference between plastic carrier bags and jellyfish and often starve to death from eating them. The Marine Conservation Society says over 90% of Fulmars found dead around the North Sea have plastic in their stomachs.

We're working hard to raise awareness of the issue and to empower young people to take action in their schools and communities. 

Here's how you can help.


Upstream Battle Campaign

Keep Scotland Beautiful's showcase campaign focusing on the Clyde to stop marine litter at its source. 

As 80% of all marine litter comes from land, we need to face this problem upstream, where litter is washed into gutters, blown into streams or carelessly discarded.  

We must stop this cycle of litter and prevent it from entering the sea in the first place.

Join the upstream battle.



Upstream Battle Professional Learning Programme

Available for teachers across The West Partnership, the aim of this programme is to develop confidence in delivering on each pupil’s entitlement to Learning for Sustainability and build STEM skills through the context of source to sea litter.

We are grateful for the support of the West Partnership Regional Improvement Collaborative which allows us to offer this course free of charge.

Reserve your place now.



Live Lessons with Doug Allan

Doug Allan is a natural history cameraman and presenter on programmes including Blue Planet.  He is also one of our Upstream Battle Campaign Ambassadors.

Doug hosted a series of live lessons on our YouTube channel to share his experiences, and answer questions from pupils. Watch both live lessons here. 



Wrigley Litter Less Campaign

The purpose of the Litter Less campaign is to reduce litter and encourage long term behaviour change amongst young people around the world.

The campaign provides funding for Early Years Establishments through the Foundation for Environmental Education and the Wrigley Company Foundation to support litter campaigns in their community and has been offered in Scotland for six years.  Find out more.



Marine Litter Pathways Art Competition

In 2018 we organised a schools’ art competition in partnership with Blair Drummond Safari Park asking pupils to design an art piece thinking about marine litter from source to sea.

Pupils first did some work learning about marine litter and its effects on marine wildlife, before crafting an art piece from reused rubbish that spread the message to keep litter out of the ocean.

Winning entries are still on display at the safari park and case studies are available here. 



Young Reporters Scotland

Young Reporter’s Scotland (YRS) is an opportunity for young people aged 8-26 years to report on an environmental or sustainability issue that matters to them and win great prizes and experiences.

YRS builds on a range of life skills such as research, critical thinking and communication and shares ideas with young people in 35 countries around the world. 

Become a Young Reporter



Clean Up Scotland

Clean Up Scotland is our national campaign to build community pride and make Scotland clean for future generations. But, with litter and flytipping levels at the worst in a decade, we need all the help we can get. 

Do your part by participating in a Clean Up in your area or organising one of your own. We offer a free Clean Up Kit, our Litter Pick Plus Toolkit, stickers, posters and mascot costume hire.

Help us to Clean Up Scotland



Support Your Work on Eco-Schools

If your school is working towards a Green Flag Award through Eco-Schools Scotland you must be working on the Litter topic. 

Examining the journey of litter from land to sea is an excellent way to meet the criteria for your Green Flag. Our work to keep litter out of Scotland's waterways is the perfect complement to your Eco-Schools Litter Topic work. 

Have a look at the Eco-Schools Litter Topic.



Roadside Litter Campaign

Scotland is a beautiful country. Our roads are how we travel and explore it. They are part of the landscape and part of our places too.

Yet so many of them are blighted by a jumble of litter flung from the windows of passing vehicles, ruining the view and harming wildlife and environmental quality. It’s difficult, dangerous and expensive to clean up.

This campaign encourages all road users in Scotland to do one simple thing to keep litter off our roads: 

Give your litter a lift, take it home!

Happening now...


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