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In conjunction with EDF Energy, the aims of the programme are to:

  • Empower educators who teach and lead with enhanced understanding of the complexities and ethics of energy production in a global context, especially in light of the issues of climate change and effective carbon reduction.
  • Inspire young learners, increasing their understanding and engagement with STEM and careers in the sustainability and energy sector.
  • Promote active participation in community focussed energy initiatives which empower learning for sustainability.

Teachers will increase their knowledge of the implications of global warming and climate change, the issue of carbon reduction and waste minimisation and consider how Scotland secures its supplies of clean, green, affordable energy.

This will be taken forward through a practitioner enquiry in the school community context to develop appropriate pedagogies and highly effective practice for energy and sustainability themes.
Participants will demonstrate key professional actions in Learning for Sustainability, curriculum development and professional learning and develop a range of local learning partnerships which support Curriculum for Excellence especially in sustainability, enterprise, social innovation, STEM and community resilience.


Programme structure and content

Residential Experience 1

The programme begins with a two day residential experience where participants will increase their knowledge in Energy, Enterprise and Environment. The residential is shaped by our partners, EDF Energy, and will include input from specialists. Input will also be provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful in the areas of Curriculum for Excellence, Learning for Sustainability, Community Engagement/Empowerment and Climate Change. The residential will include visits to energy projects and key sites with the potential for developing these for curriculum field visits for children.

Online learning

Using The Pod, Moodle and GLOW, online interaction and dialogue will provide opportunities for each participant to present an aspect of their practice development and to lead discussion around a key pedagogical question. This will also be a key area for accessing and sharing resource materials.

Practitioner enquiry

Participants will identify a key question for enquiry based on their enhanced understanding of Energy, Enterprise and Environment, an approach to learning and teaching they would like to explore in more depth and a challenge which takes shape around the needs of their particular class/group/school.

Residential experience 2

Before starting the next school year participants will have the opportunity to discuss, share and present their work including what they have implemented and what they will be implementing as a result of their learning. We will identify next steps and how to share findings within the school and local authority.

Community Energy Event

Participants will be expected to organise a family friendly energy event to raise awareness throughout the school and local community.

Assessment and reflection

Assessment will be continuous and formative through the duration of the programme and will provide a strong series of activities through which participants can evidence their progression and development. Participants will track their progress and development using a personal self-evaluation tool as well as professional development tool linked to the identified professional actions.

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