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Carnbroe Primary School

  • At Carnbroe Primary School, the whole school were involved in the Energy Enterprise and Environment professional learning programme. All classes presented a view of science, including sustainable energy, during science week and presented to a school audience during assembly. 

    Primary 6/7 and their teacher took a visit to EDF Energy's Hunterston Power Station and thought it was immensely enjoyable. The children involved shared what they'd learned on their trip with the rest of the school and blogged on The POD.

  • Pupils at Carnbroe Primary School held a Family Friendly Energy Event at the school to share what they'd learned about energy with parents, carers and the wider school community. There were displays from each class on solar and wind energy, how to choose energy efficient appliances, and where Scotland's energy comes from.

  • After learning about solar energy and trying out our solar buggies, pupils at Carnbroe Primary School made cars that store up energy in elastic bands.

  • Pupils at Carnbroe Primary School enjoyed making a healthy snack with the smoothie bike at their Family Friendly Energy Event.