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We offer a range of professional learning opportunities to support our sustainable development education initiatives. See below for more details or email

E3 Energy, Enterprise and Environment

Our Energy, Enterprise and Environment professional learning programme, run in conjunction with EDF Energy, improves teacher confidence in using energy and sustainability as a context for learning across the curriculum, particularly through practical action, outdoor learning, philosophy for citizenship and STEM. It aims to inspire curiosity to explore the world of energy generation and supply as well as the implications for global warming and climate change. It promotes critical and creative thinking about carbon reduction, waste minimisation and how Scotland secures its supplies of clean, green, affordable energy. 

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Young Food Entrepreneurs

Young Food Entrepreneurs is our schools based project supporting young people to explore food, sustainability and enterprise. There is a need to establish a new generation of people passionate about food and sustainability who are keen to develop this in their working lives. Building Scotland as a Good Food Nation requires young people to contribute to increasing the supply of locally grown, processed and supplied food which is nutritious, affordable and easy to access.

The project is currently in its second iteration and so far has engaged with over 300 students in nine secondary schools from four local authorities (Fife, North Lanarkshire, Clackmannanshire and Glasgow City). 

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Food and the Environment

Our professional learning course on Food & the Environment aims to improve your confidence in using sustainable food as a context for learning across the curriculum, particularly through practical action, outdoor learning, and Learning for Sustainability.  It aims to inspire your enthusiasm and curiosity to explore and reconnect with what you eat.   As teachers, head teachers and other educators work to secure every learner's entitlement to Learning for Sustainability, this Food and the Environment professional learning programme provides the opportunity to develop professional knowledge, confidence and skills in relation to the social justice and sustainability aspects of the GTCS and other Standards. 

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Keep Scotland Beautiful - Upcoming Events

We offer a wide range of training and professional development for communities and individuals including Carbon Literacy Training, Local Environmental Quality and Learning for Sustainability.

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