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Litter goes literary competition

Litter Goes Literary is a free-to-enter international online competition with money prizes for the winners.

The Children's and Young People's Humorously Captioned Photography Competition has graduated to going international in its third year. Submit a photo of yourself picking litter, along with (a) a humorous caption and (b) one verse of eco-lyrics put to the tune of your own favourite song. You can include a pet or props in your photo.

The website: www.ecologisers.com gives creative approaches to tackling the writing of both humorous captions for the anti-litter photographs and the composition of eco-lyrics.

Entries are accepted from anyone in full time education up to the age of 21. Your ecologised verse to be contained in the body of the email - a single verse of eco-lyrics to your favourite song, credited, together with a humorous caption for your photograph. Attached photographs should be in jpeg, 1 MB maximum.

By entering the competition you retain your copyright on both photograph and eco-lyrics but give the Ecologisers organisation the right to use the material for publicity and promotion. Joint or group entries are welcome. You can submit more than one entry.

Email: gaiadance@btinternet.com

Closing Date: December 1st 2017

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