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How to take part

It is easy to take part in Young Reporters Scotland.

  1. Register - you'll receive a helpful guide to putting your report together (and 50 Young Scot points!).

  2. Choose your theme - Check out our monthly themes for inspiration of environmental topics to report on (although you can choose any sustainability issue that matters to you and your community). 

  3. Choose your media type - you can write an article or blog post, take photographs or make a video.

  4. Investigate an issue - 
  • Research background information to your topic.
  • Speak to key individuals and groups who are related to the issue - those who cause the issue or those affected by it.
  • Conduct surveys, questionnaires and interviews to obtain first-hand information.
  1. Research solutions - Identify possible solutions to the issue, evaluating their pros and cons.

  2. Share your report -report your findings to your local community (through social media, local newspapers, radio stations or newsletter).

  3. Enter the competition - submit your report along with a media permissions form to for your chance to win great prizes and be featured as the report of the month.

Competition rules

  • Written entries must not exceed 1,000 words in length and can include up to three illustrations and photographs.  The source of all non-original illustrations must be given.
  • Photographic entries should be accompanies by a title ad a short caption (max 150 words) explaining its link to environmental sustainability and/or a solution to the issue.
  • Video entries should be no longer than three minutes and be a reporter/interviewer style documentary. (Please remember that it is illegal to copy of use copyright-protected music. we cannot accept videos with copyrighted music.)
  • Your age will be taken as the day you submit your entry and will define what category you enter. If you enter as part of a group, the age of the oldest member of the team will determine the age category.

Staying safe

As a Young Reporter, you may wish to visit a site you are investigating, do some internet research or speak to people to find out what they think.  All of these activities carry some level of risk - you should make sure you think about these, and stay safe.  Here are few general rules we advise you to follow:


  • If you are under 16, make sure you have permission from your parent/guardian for your activity and that they are aware of where you are going and when you will be back.
  • Never go into someone’s house alone if you don’t know them.  If you are meeting a person you don’t know to interview them, make sure this is in a public place.
  • Always let someone know where you're going and what time you'll get back.
  • If you are investigating an issue on a site, look out for hazard signs and follow their warnings.
  • If you are carrying out an individual investigation, consider taking a friend with you.
  • Always take your mobile phone or change for a pay phone in case of emergencies.
  • The ThinkUKnow website is full of advice on how to stay safe online and where to get help if you need it.