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Each month we have a suggested theme for you to report on. You don't have to stick to these, but don't forget that whatever issue you choose, you should be able to say:

  • The issue is related to the environment and/or sustainability.
  • The issue is important in my community - it affects where I live and the people that live here.
  • I care about about this issue - this is something important, interesting and meaningful to me. I want to have my voice heard and make a difference.


The easiest way to investigate something is to pick a topic you are interested in or that is relevant to you.  We have listed some ideas for each theme below to help you get started. You can also have a look at our meet the experts section and useful links for more ideas and advice.

September - Food

What are the impacts of chemicals like pesticides on our environment? How far has your food travelled to get on your plate? Is it covered in unnecessary plastic and packaging? Why should we dispose of food waste separately from other rubbish?

October - Transport

How we choose to travel impacts our health, the local environment and our carbon emissions.

Are there any schemes in your local community to promote cycling or car sharing? What impact does heavy traffic have on air quality? Are there good public transport links in your area? Have you noticed a problem with roadside litter?

November - Energy

Energy is a critical part of modern life from washing our clothes to charging our phones. It keeps our industries and businesses running, but the way we produce and use energy contributes significantly to climate change.

How is the energy produced that runs your home, is it sustainable? What are the environmental impacts of extracting and burning fossil fuels like coal and oil? What are the benefits of, and arguments against, renewable energy technologies like wind farms?

December - Sustaining our World

Have you heard of the Sustainable Development Goals? How do the everyday choices we make at a local level affect global issues like climate change? 

January - Water

Water is the most important basic resource for humans and animals, and there is no doubt that Scotland has plenty of it, but how much of it is actually suitable for drinking and living in?

How have ponds, lochs or the sea been affected by flooding or drought in your community? Investigate what happens to the water quality of the sea when there is a heavy downpour. How are man made changes such as dam-building, and construction work on flood plains affecting the habitats of local wildlife? 

February - Litter

Litter is waste in the wrong place. Instead of being in a bin or recycling container, it is on the school grounds, pavements and parks. It can range from sweetie papers or cigarette ends to newspapers and large items like tyres.  Dog fouling, graffiti and fly tipping are also all included.

Why do people litter? What impact does litter have on our health, wildlife, and economy? Has there been or could there be a Clean Up in your area to tackle litter?

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