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Schools from any sector can  take part in One Planet Picnic.  Many schools have food growing in the grounds or nearby links to community growing groups.  The One Planet Picnic is a great way to use and celebrate your harvests.  

Register here to enter the Keep Scotland Beautiful One Planet Picnic prize draw.  

If you are an Eco-School looking for groups in your community to support your work, there are initiatives at Keep Scotland Beautiful you can ask that can help with this, such as It's Your Neighbourhood and Beautiful Scotland.  Look out for Award Beaches and Green Flag Award Parks as well, or maybe groups that are part of the Keep Scotland Beautiful 'Clean Up Scotland' campaign.  Do a clean up together and reward yourselves with a litterless One Planet Picnic. 


International One Planet Picnics
Thanks to our links with the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), in 2014 schools could include an international element to their One Planet Picnic.  We  shared the One Planet Picnic with all Eco-Schools nations around the world so schools could link with a school in another country to share recipes, food stories and games.