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Question 1 is asking

How far do you agree with the proposals for Ministers and some public authorities to make a food policy and then:

  • make sure that they remember the policy when they should do,
  • report on any progress made towards putting these policies into actions and the success or otherwise of those actions and,
  • remember international agreements and guidance when they make the policy.

Question 2 is asking

The government recognises that other sectors e.g. private business in the food industry must all be involved in creating successful change, however they will not be asked to make a policy on food.  How far do you agree that the Government should help them to participate? 

Question 3 is asking

How far do you agree with the government’s ideas for making sure that Scottish Ministers and public authorities explain their progress on putting their policy into action and what the impact of it has been?

Question 4 is asking

How far do you agree with the proposal to have targeted laws to resolve different food issues separately, instead of having a single law?

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