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Transport choices make a significant difference to global carbon emissions. This topic takes a look at how people and goods make their way to school and if we can make more sustainable choices. 

Here are some resources to get you started on Transport:

Climate Challenge Fund - Transport

The Climate Challenge Fund supports projects that reduce carbon emissions by encouraging the community to choose low carbon modes of transport. These projects involve helping people to move away from travelling alone in cars, lift sharing, public transport, or active travel like cycling and walking. 

Have a look at some case studies or find a funded group in your community.

Sustrans Scotland - Hands Up Survey

Established in 2008, the Hands Up Scotland Survey looks at how pupils across Scotland travel to school and is the largest national dataset on school travel. 

Take the Hands Up Survey with your pupils.

Sustrans Scotland - Active Travel Resources
A wealth of resources on sustainable and active travel from Sustrans including Bike to School Week resources, Suss it Out and the Big Street Survey.

Get started with Active Travel Resources.

BBC Terrific Scientific - Forces Investigation

As part of the BBC science campaign Terrific Scientific, this investigation will help your pupils to think and work like a scientist, looking at how forces affect speed and how athletes use air resistance to improve their training.

Take part in the BBC Terrific Scientific Forces Investigation.

All about Transport

People get to school a number of ways - by car or by bus, by cycling or on foot. Our choice of transport impacts both the climate and our health. With air pollution being responsible for 3 million premature deaths worldwide in 2012, it is important that we make transport choices that protect air quality. Find out more about how air pollution affects your health with this air pollution infographic from SEPA

If you are interested in air quality, you might like to know more about two citizen science opportunities to get involved with: SEPA's lichen project and the air quality survey from OPAL.

Transport and Climate Change

Travelling in a motor vehicle emits CO2 which contributes to climate change, and Sustrans research in 2013 found that over 60% of journeys in Scotland are made in a car or van.  Choosing more sustainable transport whenever possible is one thing we can all do to take action on climate change.

The Scottish Government's Transport statistics find that transport accounts for just under one quarter of Scotland’s total greenhouse gas emissions under the definition set out in the Climate Change Scotland Act, with transport by road making up 72% of transport emissions.

If we are to take successful action on climate change and improve air quality, we must make more sustainable transport choices.  New technology means that newly registered vehicles are more fuel efficient and emit fewer emissions per kilometre but it is vital that we reduce the number of journeys taken by car in favour of active travel and public transport.  This is the case for both people and for goods travelling to school.