Sustainable Development Goals

Through Eco-Schools Scotland, we would like you to join with the rest of the world in working towards achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and we know that young people in Scottish schools can help this happen!

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of global priorities for ensuring that economic, environmental, social and cultural wellbeing is achieved for everyone around the world. They are ambitious goals for governments across the world to achieve, but there is a lot we can do at school and at home to support them.

Who decided on the goals?

In 2000 the UN agreed eight Millennium Development Goals with the aim to work towards tackling issues of the time – extreme poverty, education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, AIDS /HIV and other diseases, environmental issues and global partnerships. Some of the goals were met, like to halve the proportion of people living on less than $1 a day, but to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger is far from being achieved - 800 million people still live in extreme poverty! Therefore, new goals were developed. In 2015, after consulting millions of people and organisations across the world, the final decision about what the goals would be was made by the governments of the United Nations.

Why are the goals important?

The goals aim to end poverty, protect the planet and try to make sure that everyone around the world is living comfortably.  All very important and worthwhile goals to work towards! Each goal has specific targets for governments to achieve over the next 14 years. In schools, we can help to support the meeting of these targets.

How can you play your part in achieving these goals?

In your school we know you already do lots of excellent work to make the world clean, green and more sustainable! We are going to ask you to make links between your Eco-Schools projects and one of the Sustainable Development Goals so you will be able to record, monitor and evaluate your progress in helping achieve these goals.

What shall we do now?

Explore the Sustainable Development Goals by clicking on the icons below. You will find lots of additional information about each goal, along with possible learning activities, curricular links and additional resources. Decide which goal most suits the work you will be doing in your school and think about how your work locally links to what is being done globally. 

You can find out how our work across Keep Scotland Beautiful contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

An Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals

In your school we know you already do lots of excellent work to make the world cleaner, greener and more sustainable. We are going to ask you to make links between your Eco-Schools projects and one of the Sustainable Development goals.  Download our Introduction to the Goals, with ideas for learning activities, curricular links and resources.

Download An Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Regional Information Centre - Go Goals! Board Game

The game aims to help teach children around the world about the Sustainable Development Goals in a simple and child-friendly way. 

Download Go Goals game materials.

Exploring the Global Goals - TES Online

Help children and young people explore the goals in more detail with resources from TES Online. Lots of free downloadable resources including lesson plans, activities and games to introduce the goals to pupils of all ages.

Browse Global Goals resources on TES Online 

The World's Largest Lesson

An excellent opportunity to teach a lesson or assembly about the Global Goals encouraging them to think about what they can do.  Resources are available for all ages and include: animations, assembly materials on the goals, videos to generate discussion, films for younger children from Hippoworks called "Simon Says Save the Climate" and a series of lesson plans on a wide range of topics.

Browse resources from The World's Largest Lesson

Watch: Leave No One Behind

At the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals is a commitment to leave no one behind. That’s because, although we have made huge progress towards a better world, too many people have been left behind because of who they are or where they live.

Watch: A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. The Global Goals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people. A video from the United Nations Foundation

Malala Introducing the Sustainable Development Goals

Malala Yousafzai introduces this brilliant animation which talks about the Sustainable Development Goals and what we can all do to help to achieve them.

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