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Environmental Review

This next stage in your Green Flag journey is to carry out an Environmental Review. The Environmental Review is a tool designed to help the Eco-Committee decide what is going well in the school and what topics to work on.  Conducting an Environmental Review will enable you to set realistic targets and measure your success.

Environmental Review Template

Use this template to complete your Environmental Review.  There are two versions to choose from:

Download the Pictorial Environmental Review or

Download the Primary/Secondary Environmental Review

The results from your review will form the basis of your Action Plan and once you have completed the review, you should be able to identify the two topics, as well as Litter, that your school wishes to focus on over the next two years.

The Environmental Review should be carried out on an annual basis to support your work towards devising your Action Plan. This will then act as a checkpoint to see if anything in your community has changed and hence if you need to add any additional items to your Action Plan. Comparing your new responses with those that you originally made will give an indication of progress and will help you to plan future Eco-Schools work.

The Environmental Review should:

  • Be done for all ten topics.
  • Involve as many pupils as possible.
  • Be done in a way that best suits the school's context.
  • Be used to form your Action Plan for the two years of your Green Flag journey.