Action Plan

The Action Plan is the core of your Eco-Schools work and should be developed using the results of your Environmental Review.  It should list projects for Litter as well as the two other topics you choose to focus on. 

Video - Action Plan

Watch this video to find out how to develop your Action Plan.

Action Plan Template

Please use this template to create your Action Plan.  This is the easiest way to gather the information required for your application.

Download the Action Plan template - Word or

Download the Action Plan template - PDF 

There is also a completed example which might be helpful.

Download an Action Plan Example - PDF.

We would like you to develop an Action Plan for Litter plus your chosen two topics.  This plan will detail how projects will be Measured, how the Community will be involved, and any links to your chosen Sustainable Development Goal

Your Action Plan is a working document and should be updated throughout your Green Flag journey. Please use the template we provide as this is the easiest way to gather the information required for your application. 

We will ask you to upload your Action Plan at two points during your Green Flag journey:

The first time will be at the beginning of your journey, once you have decided which topics to work on.  You only need to complete the first five columns of the Action Plan at this stage - you will complete the last column of the template when you move into the Measuring part of your journey. Your Action Plan will be sent to an Eco-Schools Assessor to approve before you continue your Green Flag journey so that we can provide any support needed.

The second time will be at the end of your Green Flag journey when you are ready to submit your complete application. 

Remember that work on other initiatives such as the John Muir Award, Rights Respecting Schools, or Fair Trade Schools Award can all be included in your Action Plan under relevant Eco-Schools topics. 

In order to keep everyone in the school up to date with your Eco-Schools projects, your Action Plan should be displayed on your Eco-Schools noticeboard.  You might also consider a pupil-friendly display, like the one made by pupils at Troqueer Primary School where current actions are displayed on the leaves of an Action Plan tree.

Your Action Plan should:

  • Be developed by pupils using the results of your Environmental Review and suggestions from the rest of the school.
  • Include projects for Litter and your chosen two topics.
  • Be a working document, updated regularly by pupils as much as possible.
  • Be displayed on your Eco-Schools noticeboard in a pupil friendly format.
  • Include how your projects will be Measured.

Case Study - Troqueer School

There are many ways to display your Action Plan, depending on what works best in your school context. The Eco-Committee at Troqueer Primary School make good use of their Eco-Schools noticeboard to keep everyone up to date with their activities and to share their Action Plan with visitors to the school. Read more.

Case Study - Linlithgow Bridge Primary School

When you join the Online Application System, we will ask you to upload your Action Plan at two points - at the beginning of your Green Flag Journey, and again at the end.  Here is a good example of what your Action Plan could look like at the beginning of your Green Flag Journey from Linlithgow Bridge Primary School. Download example.

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