Interim Application Process

Eventually, all schools will join our online application system to make their Eco-Schools application. 

However, as the online application system is designed to guide you through the Seven Elements, it starts at the beginning of your Green Flag Journey. Some schools are currently part way through an existing journey and should continue using the resources below. After their current Green Flag journey has been assessed they will be introduced to the new online application system.

These schools will use the Interim Application, and will then receive account details to join the online application system. 

We will continue to support both methods of applying for a Green Flag Award until all schools have joined the online system.

How to Apply

An Interim Application consists of a completed Interim Application Powerpoint, and your Action Plans.  You may find the completed example application helpful. 

Eco-Schools Interim Application Powerpoint

Example Interim Application

Action Plan Template

Please save your Powerpoint as a PDF and email it along with your Action Plans, to ecoschools@keepscotlandbeautiful.org.

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