Global Citizenship

The Global Citizenship topic is where you can include work on other initiatives like Fairtrade Schools, and Rights Respecting Schools in your Eco-Schools journey.  You might also like to tell us about any fundraising projects for charities like Mary's Meals, SolarAid or Unicef, your school's Shoebox Appeal, foodbank donations or charitable recycling like RagBag.  Lastly, individual awards like The John Muir Award, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award or The Prince William Award are also welcome in this topic.

It is also an opportunity to examine how environmental issues affect people around the world, from flooding resilience projects in Bangladesh, to solar light programmes in Malawi the health of our environment connects us all. 

You might remember our Global Citizenship topic previously being called Sustaining Our World.

Here are some resources to get you started on Global Citizenship with sections on Climate Change and Equality:

Eco-Schools Curricular Map - Global Citizenship Topic

Our revised curricular maps showing Experiences and Outcomes related to the Global Citizenship Topic. 

Download the curricular map for Global Citizenship

Climate Ready Classrooms - Free Course for Secondary Schools

Navigating the science behind climate change and the actions which individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint can be daunting for young people and adults alike. Climate Ready Classrooms is a free accredited course on climate change and carbon literacy designed for young people aged 14–17 years.

Book a course for your school

Young Reporters Scotland

Young Reporters Scotland encourages 8-25 year olds to investigate and report on the environmental and sustainability issues through photos, articles, or films. Perfect complement to Eco-Schools for individual pupils or as a class.

Young Reporters Scotland

Connect with 67 Countries through Eco-Schools

The international nature of the Eco-Schools programme makes it an ideal way to explore global issues and make links with schools in other countries. Have a look at the Eco-Schools international website to see which other countries are participating.

Explore the Eco-Schools international website

Year of Young People 2018

Scotland will host its first ever Year of Young People in 2018. It’s an exciting opportunity to celebrate young people’s achievements and contributions to society.

See what Keep Scotland Beautiful is doing to celebrate the Year of Young People

Low Carbon Skills

These film resources have been made by pupils in schools across Scotland.  Through making these resources, the young people involved have developed key skills and knowledge that will help them in life and work, why it’s so important to know where products come from and why businesses are encouraged to operate more sustainably to lower their carbon footprint.  These films will perhaps encourage your pupils to take action and make better consumer and life-style choices.

Watch Low Carbon Skills films and download teaching resources

Keep Scotland Beautiful and SolairAid - Sunny Schools Teaching Resources

A variety of teaching resources developed during the Scotland Lights Up Malawi programme full of easy to use, exciting and informative classroom activities on climate change, climate justice, energy and solar lighting. Includes teaching cards, case studies, activity sheets, quizzes, science activities and more.

Download Sunny Schools teaching resources

BBC Terrific Scientific - Time Investigation

As part of the BBC science campaign Terrific Scientific, this investigation will help your pupils to think and work like a scientist, investigating time and whether the clock change has an effect on our alertness and reactions.

Take part in the BBC Terrific Scientific Time Investigation

Stride Global Citizenship Magazine for Schools

A brilliant magazine full of inspiring articles and useful resources. Stride aims to be a source of inspiration and support for teachers delivering education for Global Citizenship in Scotland. Part of the IDEAS network – a group of large and small NGOs working in international development, global poverty, sustainable development, social justice and citizenship.

Read the latest issue of Stride and download resources

Global Citizenship and Climate Change

Eco-Schools is an international initiative and provides an opportunity for Scottish pupils to become part of an international network to discuss and debate global the environmental issues which will affect their lives. Participating in Eco-Schools can help young people assess the evidence and make up their own minds on environmental and social justice issues.  Across Keep Scotland Beautiful, we aim to establish a relationship between local environmental quality issues such as litter and global environmental quality issues such as climate change.

Take Scotland's Climate Change Pledge

Community groups across the country are invited to sign up to Scotland’s Climate Change Pledge for Communities to express their support and commitment to taking local action on climate change.

Take the Climate Change Pledge

Keep Scotland Beautiful - A Guide to Climate Change

What is climate change, how will it affect you and what can you do to help?  

Download our print-ready Guide to Climate change which covers causes and impacts of climate change, plus ways to tackle it.

Education Scotland - Community Resilience and Curriculum for Excellence

Want to find out how to prepare for emergencies and keep yourself and others safe? Read on to find out more about community resilience as a context for learning within Curriculum for Excellence.

Download the Community Resilience leaflet

Education Scotland - Exploring Climate Change

This resource has been designed to help teachers improve their practice in learning and teaching relating to climate change. It is vital that our young people are equipped with the skills to think critically and question how the media reports climate change. As global citizens, they need to be able to evaluate environmental, scientific and technological information in order to develop informed opinions about this issue.

Download Exploring Climate Change resource set

The Climate Coalition - Show the Love Schools Guide

This handy school guide with corresponding activities is a creative and crafty way to get pupils involved in learning about how climate change affects the everyday things they love.

Download the Show the Love Schools Guide and activities

IDEAS - Signposts for Global Citizenship

Signposts is a selection of the best resources on Global Citizenship and Learning for Sustainability put together by IDEAS. All resources on Signposts are available online or to borrow from your local Development Education Centre.

Browse Global Citizenship resources on Signposts

Adaptation Scotland - Climate Ready Places Lesson Plans

With materials available for both primary and secondary school children, these lesson plans aim to increase the capacity of young people to play an active role in climate change adaption. They can be used for general education purposes to raise awareness about place-making and climate change adaptation, or more specifically to help young people express their views about changes in their environment, or to contribute effectively to any climate adaptation strategy, plan or action process. The activities in the lesson plans could be run individually over the course of several weeks, or run consecutively as a one-off lesson.  

Download Climate Ready lesson plans

Young People's Trust for the Environment - Climate Change Factsheet

The Young People's Trust for the Environment is a charity set up to encourage young people's understanding of the environment.  They have produced some brilliant resources including this factsheet which discusses the effects of climate change on wildlife, farming and our health.

Download climate change factsheet

Royal Geographical Society - Climate 4 Classrooms

Climate 4 Classrooms provides curriculum linked teaching resources about climate change for pupils.  Resources include:

  • Data sets showing the latest global and national climate predictions
  • Climate science brought to life by the experts
  • Case studies investigating global, national and local impacts and solutions
  • Guidance for teachers on using the resources

The resources in this section have been developed in collaboration with climate scientists and using data from the latest research, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Visit Climate4Classrooms website

UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network - Getting Climate Ready

Do you want to help create a healthier, fairer, more environmentally sustainable society? Do you want to empower children and young people to do the same? Do you want to make your school more climate-friendly? If so, this guide is for you!  More and more schools around the world are adopting whole-school approaches to climate action. In a whole- school approach, students’ classroom learning about climate change is reinforced by the formal and informal messages promoted by the school’s values and actions. 

Download Getting Climate Ready - A Guide for Schools on Climate Action

Royal Geographical Society - Gender Inequality and Women in Geography

This article and accompanying podcast reflects on the history of geography and women geographers who have campaigned for gender equality and introduces how gender impacts and shapes our experience of space and place.

Download lesson resources and listen to podcast

Fairtrade Foundation - Fairtrade Fortnight

Learning through Fairtrade opens up a fascinating world, revealing how we are all connected. Download curriculum resources to discover where your food comes from. Your school or nursery could become a Fairtrade School too.

Download classroom resources and learn about Fairtrade Schools

Stride Global Citizenship Magazine - Cotton Field to Jeans: Winners & Losers

Lots of different people are involved in making a pair of jeans.  But how much money do they all earn? Is it fair? This classroom activity asks pupils to reflect on inequality within the cotton industry.

Download the activity

Stride Global Citizenship Magazine - My Clothes and Me

Love fashion, hate school uniform? What do you know about the clothes you wear? This classroom activity explores different opinions towards fashion and consumption.

Download the activity


Gapminder makes global data easy to use and understand, and have developed tools to use in the classroom for engaging pupils with global issues. Gapminder develops data visualization tools to let people explore the vast treasure of global statistics using photos as data to give the numbers meaning. Fact based resources for exploring issues of world hunger, poverty, life expectancy and GDP with pupils.

Browse Gapminder videos, resources and classroom tools.

WE.org - WE Villages Opportunity Pillar Lesson Package

Explore the meaning of livelihood and the importance of gender equality.

Download the lesson package for Primary or Secondary

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