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Online Application System

I have lost my password for the online application system, what can I do?

Please get in touch - we can reset your password for you.  Please remember to store your username and password securely.


I have an account on the online application system, where can I log in?

If you have account details, please log in here.


I have taken over Eco-Schools from a colleague who has now left. How can I log in and recover previous materials?

Please get in touch.  If your school has an account in our online system, we can reset your password.  If your school has not yet joined the online system we can provide support.  One of the major benefits of our new online system is that all submitted evidence remains available online throughout your Green Flag journey even if your Eco-Schools Co-ordinator changes.


I don't have an account on the online application system, what can I do?

If you do not yet have account details for the online application system please get in touch


Green Flag Award

Why does a Green Flag assessment no longer involve a mandatory visit?

As the Eco-Schools programme has evolved, we want to ensure that we can provide appropriate support to as many schools as possible throughout their journey.  There are a number of advantages to our online application system: schools receive ongoing support throughout their journey, and we reduce the environmental impact of the assessment process by significantly reducing both travel and paper usage. This ongoing feedback allows us to move more in line with the formative assessment process already embedded in Scottish schools.


Can I still submit paper evidence?

Our online application system is meant to be completely paperless. However, if you are struggling to submit photographs or other supporting paper based evidence please get in touch.


I would like to apply for my school's First Green Flag, what do I do?

Have a look at the Seven Elements section of our website, for an overview of how the programme works, then please get in touch so we can offer support. 


What happened to Bronze and Silver certificates?

Bronze and Silver certificates were discontinued as part of the programme refresh in 2017. This is because the steps involved in gaining a Bronze or Silver award have been included in support for First Green Flag applications.  Bronze and Silver certificates awarded prior to 2017 are still stored in our records.



Why is Litter still the core Eco-Schools topic?

If we are going to have an impact on wider environmental issues, we must start by instilling civic pride and personal responsibility in our young people, so they can become citizen advocates within their local community.  Litter links to every other topic and is the easiest way to get started on environmental issues.  If litter is not a problem in your school grounds, consider adopting a local beach, park or woodland? Have a look at projects completed under Wrigley Litter Less for ideas. 


Sustainable Development Goals

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

In September 2015, world leaders agreed 17 goals that will mean an end to extreme poverty and hunger, and action on climate change by 2030.  You might know them as the Global Goals.  Read more about the goals in the Sustainable Development Goals part of our website.


How do I link my work on the Eco-Schools topics to a Sustainable Development Goal?

If you read about the Sustainable Development Goals on the United Nations website, you will notice that each of the Goals has a list of targets underneath it.  These targets are for world governments to achieve rather than groups and individuals but there is something we can all do to help.  When drawing up your Action Plan, think about how to make links to global issues through your Eco-Schools actions.  Choose one goal to make links to with Litter and your two other chosen topics.

Whilst the goals have discrete and specific targets they are interconnected in their nature as varied strategies are required for success on an individual target.   

As an example;

  • Goal 2 aims to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition by 2030. It also commits to universal access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food at all times of the year.

This will require:

  • sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural practices – links to Goal 15 Life on Land, Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.
  • equal access to land – links to Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities.
  • technology, markets and international cooperation on investments in infrastructure and technology to boost agricultural productivity – Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.


Can I choose more than one Sustainable Development Goal to link to?

We would like you to choose the one goal which best links to your context and your chosen topics.  You may find that during your journey your work also incorporates other goals.  These can form future plans for your next Green Flag journey. 


My question is not answered here!

Have a look at our training options, watch our short videos on the Seven Elements, or get in touch.


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