I've Got the Power Video Campaign

In 2019, the Eco-Schools programme entered its 25th year of engaging young people in taking positive actions that transform them for life and we need YOU to help us celebrate! 

We're asking everyone involved in Eco-Schools to create a short video telling the world what you would change if you had the power. 

All videos have to be uploaded on the Entries page. The best videos chosen by Eco-Schools Global will be edited and shared on the Eco-Schools Global website, social media, and part of a release of a campaign video compilation.

The video campaign is an opportunity to showcase the quality and depth of learning through Eco-Schools and make verbal commitments to sustainable development.

What are we asking you to do?

  • Using your smartphone we want you to make a short video clip
  • The length of this clip should be 15-60 seconds long (no longer)
  • We want you to talk directly to the camera (keep your camera in  portrait position)

Your video must use the campaign statements below

  • If I was the First Minister/Prime Minister I would …
  • If I was a Superhero I would …
  • Every day I … (positive action description)

Please DO

  • Make sure your video is no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Please film in portrait position.
  • People being filmed can be sitting down or standing but always talking to the camera.
  • Ideally try to say your whole message in one take.
  • Sound must be clear and audible. Test the image and audio before you record your final product.
  • Natural lighting is best – the video can be shot outside as well. 
  • When filming remember to do a test run first, to see how it looks and sounds. 
  • Take your time and do not rush saying your message.

Please DON'T

  • Film in landscape position.
  • Read from a paper in front of you – it can put off the viewer. Try to look into the camera instead. 
  • Film on a location with background noise (e.g. school yard in the middle of a break, gym, etc.) as it might affect the recorded audio.


This video campaign runs from 11 March to 3rd May and is open to pupils, teachers, school staff, volunteers, students - to voice a message to the global community; that it only takes an idea told out loud to engage ourselves and our political leaders in positive actions!

How to Submit Your Entry

This is an international campaign, so your video entry will be sent to Eco-Schools Global.

  • Go to: Entries page 
  • Download and fill in the Media Consent form (mandatory).
  • Click on Submit Entry and fill in the form with your school details. 
  • Attach your video file and your Media Consent form then click Submit.
  • Download your 25th Anniversary Participation Certificate 
  • Share your video on your social media using the campaign hashtags #ecoschools25 and #ivegotthepower.


Campaign resources to support your entry are available from the Eco-Schools Global website including:

Video Guidelines

Media Consent Form

Example videos


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