Food and energy

Do you know what’s on your plate?  Where the products on your plate have come from?  What the cost to the environment is?


How much time do we dedicate to reading the label on our food products or researching the practices of businesses that we buy from regularly?  In our changing environment, it’s imperative that we all have a deeper understanding of how our choices impact the environment.

Source Local, Buy Local will help your pupils understand the importance of knowing where their food products come from and why they should as a consumers be supporting local, sustainable business.  This film will help them understand what it means to be a sustainable business and the impact that a business can have on the environment.  Through lines of inquiry, your pupil will be able to assess their own consumer behaviours and make more informed choices.

Source Local, Buy Local

This film was made by S4-S6 pupils at Kemnay Academy.  Working with Mackies of Scotland, they were keen to share with other young people what it means to be a sustainable business, the range of different sustainable business practices out there and highlight how important it is for people to source locally produced food to help towards a low carbon future.  The film details Mackies journey to becoming a very green company and shows their innovation in taking forward new sustainable initiatives and commitment to looking after the environment that allows then to create their produce.

Download the Source Local, Buy Local resource to accompany this film.

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