Resources to start a conversation about Climate Change in your classroom, intended to accompany Climate Ready Classrooms Carbon Literacy training course for secondary schools.

Ecological pyramid images: Stick these images onto flowerpots which you can stack to create your ecological pyramids. The cloud, earth, forest and ocean flowerpots can be used in the carbon cycle bucket activity.

Ecological pyramid images

Mystery bag: A list of items which can be placed in your mystery bag.

Mystery bag

Sinks and sources: These documents contains the photos and statements found in the sinks and sources activity. Students should match one photo with one piece of text before deciding if the pair are a carbon sink or a carbon source. 

Sinks and sources activity

Sinks and sources cards

Sinks and sources reference information

Sinks and sources publisher

Carbon cycle bucket action cards: These action cards tell students which bucket to move their carbon from and to.

Action cards

Carbon cycle Jenga: These files contain the action cards, key and instruction slide needed to create your own carbon cycle jenga. The jenga sets used in the CRC workshop contain 51 pieces.

Climate cycle Jenga primary school

Climate cycle Jenga high school

Climate cycle Jenga key

Climate cycle Jenga slide

Net Zero Spider web: These files contain the images used in the net zero activity.

Spider web ideas

Spider web definitions

Zero Carbon Britain Instructions

Zero Carbon Britain tags

Country/capita emission list: These files contain the cards used in the emission comparison activity.

Emissions and Vulnerability 2020

Emissions and Vulnerability Cards

Emissions and Vulnerability Answers

Carbon footprint activity: These files contain the instructions for the carbon footprint activity. Remember this is just a visual aid, more accurate calculators can be found online.

Carbon footprint walk

Climate Ready Classrooms powerpoint:

Climate ready classrooms workshop

An overview of activities and ideas from the Climate Ready Classrooms workshop:

Climate ready classrooms overview and activities

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