Resources to start a conversation about Climate Change in your classroom, intended to accompany Climate Ready Classrooms Carbon Literacy training course for secondary schools.

Watch for further resources coming soon.


Low Carbon Skills

Film resources developed by pupils in schools across Scotland to introduce low carbon choices.  Topics focus on Fashion and Textiles and Food and Energy.  Films are generally no longer than 3mins and come with lines of inquiry and relevant curriculum links.   

Watch Low Carbon Skills films and download teaching resources


A Guide to Climate Change

What is climate change, how will it affect you and what can you do to help?  

Download our print-ready Guide to Climate change which covers causes and impacts of climate change, plus ways to tackle it.


Royal Geographical Society - Climate 4 Classrooms

Climate 4 Classrooms provides curriculum linked teaching resources about climate change for pupils.  Resources include:

  • Data sets showing the latest global and national climate predictions
  • Climate science brought to life by the experts
  • Case studies investigating global, national and local impacts and solutions
  • Guidance for teachers on using the resources

The resources in this section have been developed in collaboration with climate scientists and using data from the latest research, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Visit Climate4Classrooms website.


Climate Change in Urban Areas Bangladesh Case Study

The aim of this resource is to challenge learners in the impacts of climate change on low-income people in Dhaka. The resource focuses on the experience of three residents of Duaripara informal settlement in Dhaka, with their experiences of living with flooding, waterlogging, drainage congestion and heat stress being portrayed through three films.  Best suited to pupils in S2/S3.

Download the Bangladesh case study

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