Notice to SSN Members

Transfer of data notice

We are notifying all members of an imminent transfer of data to the new service provider – ECCI (Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, University of Edinburgh).


Transfer of data to Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation/University of Edinburgh

The SSN secretariat service will be provided by ECCI, in partnership with Sniffer, from 1 May 2018. This change in provider means that there will be changes to the way we hold your personal data. We will securely transfer all of the SSN data, including personal data and contact details for SSN members, to ECCI on or before 1 May. We are doing this in order to provide continuity of service for the Network – so that ECCI can continue to communicate SSN news and updates with you and provide information about the SSN and your membership. From 1 May 2018 Keep Scotland Beautiful will no longer hold or have any access to your personal data as it will be transferred to ECCI to be used for the SSN service to members.


What does this mean?

Your contact details and the personal data we hold will be securely transferred to ECCI on or before 1 May 2018 from which point ECCI will provide the secretariat support to the SSN. ECCI will be in touch shortly after the data transfer to ask your permission to continue to use your personal data in connection with the services offered. This includes the option to receive relevant information about events and activities, invitations to events and conferences, invitations and notifications about training opportunities and other opportunities related to your area of work and sector. This also includes the regular communication provided to all network members in the form of the SSN e-newsletter.


Who will have access to my data?

From 1 May 2018 the data we hold in relation to your membership to SSN will be held by ECCI. Your data will be controlled and used by ECCI. They will be in touch with you to confirm your permission to use your data to provide communications for the SSN. They will hold and access your data in line with their privacy policy and they will inform you of any changes to this. ECCI’s privacy policy can be viewed online.


What do I need to do now?

You don’t need to do anything right now. This is a notification of the transfer of data from Keep Scotland Beautiful to the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (University of Edinburgh). You have the right to object to this transfer and you can ask to be removed from the SSN database. After your data is transferred ECCI will seek your permission to continue to provide the services and communications you currently receive from the Sustainable Scotland Network via Keep Scotland Beautiful. You will need to grant permission at that point in order for ECCI to continue to use your data for this purpose.


What if I don’t want my data to be transferred?

Please direct all data transfer enquiries to Siobhan Dunn at ECCI: siobhan.dunn@ed.ac.uk, 07717 542965 or 0131 651 4649.


Read more on the ECCI website: ECCI and Sniffer Win Competitive Tender for Sustainable Scotland Network


Privacy policy

Please take a moment to review Keep Scotland Beautiful’s privacy statement

Please take a moment to review ECCI’s privacy policy


After 1st May 2018, this content will no longer be updated.

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