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The Sustainable Scotland Network has produced an e-learning module that is designed to help all public sector employees gain a better understanding of their role and responsibilities in action on climate change, particularly in relation to the Public Bodies Duties in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act. While  written for those working in the public sector in Scotland, the content is relevant and useful for anyone working on climate change issues.

The course, developed from a collaboration with SEPA, Transport Scotland and SNH a number of years ago, takes users through an introduction to climate change science, the international agreements and action on climate change and the Scottish Government’s commitments before going into further detail about the type of action that could be taken by public bodies and their employees.  It takes about half an hour to go through the module.


*if the E-learning module is not visible, try downloading adobe flashplayer

Please note that the e-learning module was written before the publication of the Scottish Government's Climate Change Plan The Third Report on Proposals and Policies 2018-2032 (2018)

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