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Area wide emissions

The resources in the section are from a series of workshops covering the main carbon assessment methodologies and datasets.

Briefing notes on the main topics covered in the workshops can be downloaded below and additionally, full videos from the Glasgow workshop are available as a refresher or for those who were unable to attend.


Briefing Note 1 provides information on useful greenhouse gas terminology and the drivers behind estimating greenhouse gas emissions.  It also summarises the main targets from International, UK and Scottish legislation and explains the different approaches and methods used in accounting for greenhouse gases.


Briefing Note 2 provides an introduction to national inventories, understanding the Scottish inventory and outlines Scotland's targets for reducing greenhouse gases.  As well as describing Scotland's carbon footprint, it identifies the need for improved local authority area-wide inventories and the type of approaches that could be used to gather this data.


Briefing Note 3 provides a closer look at data requirements and generating local data sets.  It begins to help public sector organisations to start tracking climate change actions and monitoring progress.  This Note also introduces the concept of assessing climate change actions in line with the co-benefits and the other added benefits that sustainability can bring.



Below are videos from the carbon assessment workshop held in Glasgow in March 2014. It covers the material within the Briefing Notes and also covers some questions that members had on the day.

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These resources will also be useful when completing section seven of the Climate Change Reports