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Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration

All 32 local authorities in Scotland are signatories to Scotland's Climate Change Declaration (SCCD).

Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration was developed by the Sustainable Scotland Network in partnership with the Scottish Government, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA), the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) Scotland and others. The Declaration was launched in 2007. 

The Declaration demonstrates local authorities' desire to show leadership at a local level to respond to climate change.

By signing the Declaration, councils have committed both to mitigate their impact on climate change (by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide) and to adapt to predicted climate change impacts (by preparing for the impacts that a changing climate will bring). The Declaration also contains a strong commitment to sustainable development.

The Declaration also commits signatories to "Publish an annual statement on the monitoring and progress of our climate change response, detailing targets set, actions taken, outcomes achieved and further actions required".

Between 2008-2014, local authorities voluntarily reported on their climate change activity via Scotland's Climate Change Declaration (SCCD) Reporting process.

Local authority SCCD Reports for the years 2008-2014 are available for SSN members to view on the SSN Knowledge Hub. If you are not a member of SSN and would like copies of SCCD reports please contact the SSN team directly by email

The SCCD reporting mechanism has now been superseded by Climate Change Reporting.