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Section two - governance, management and strategy

Taking action to strengthen a public body's governance, management and strategy with regard to climate change will significantly contribute to the successful implementation of the Climate Change Duties.  In this section, the reporting organisation should be able to demonstrate it has a robust system of governance and management in relation to climate change. 

The following resources are available to support the completion of section two of the report

This video was recorded during the 2016 Climate Change Reporting training.  The video content is very similar but not identical to the 2017 workshop, so please note – you may see some minor differences between the slides available on this page and the slides shown on the video. If you have any questions then please contact the SSN team.


Other Resources

The Climate Change Assessment Tool (CCAT) helps public sector organisations in Scotland self-evaluate their performance under the public sector duties of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.  The outputs are designed to complement, inform and support existing climate change policies and practices already operated by the public sector.