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Climate Change Report Analysis

The Public Sector Climate Change reports give insight into the progress Scotland’s public sector is making towards meeting Scotland’s climate change targets. The reports also provide useful insight into how the Scottish public sector is responding to the challenge of climate change within each organisation, including how the sector is contributing to carbon emissions reduction, climate change adaptation, procurement policies and activity. The reports also provide information on the governance and management arrangements in place within public bodies on climate change.

2014/15 (Pilot Year)

Public bodies listed as Major Players were encouraged by the Scottish Government to prepare and publish climate change reports for 2014-15 as a trial year while new legislation under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act was being developed to make this reporting mandatory.  In total, 108 climate change reports were published covering 110 public bodies; with two joint reports submitted by four of the Major Players

Submitted reports are available on the Climate Change Reports page.

Following submission of reports a high-level analysis of the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties Reports was carried out and an Analysis Report and a Functional Review were published.


In November 2016, 150 Major Player organisations were required to submit reports.   146 of these submitted reports and these are now available on the Climate Change Reports page.

Report analysis can be found on the 15/16 report analysis page.


The number of Major Player organisations increased from 150 to 180 for the 2016/17 reporting year.    All 180 Major Player organisations submitted their 2016/17 Climate Change Reports.  Submitted reports will be available on the Climate Change Reports page in early 2018.

The SSN team at Keep Scotland Beautiful is now busy undertaking an initial quality assurance process of the submitted information in advance of the analysis of the 2016/17 data. This year’s analysis will include the publication of an analysis report plus a series of SSN Member sector engagement events to provide opportunities for SSN Members to participate in the analysis and use of reported information. The events are also being designed to share examples of good practice gleaned from the reports.