2016/17 reporting

We are pleased to announce that all 180 Major Player organisations submitted their 2016/2017 Climate Change Reports. Thank you to all SSN Members who participated in completing this year’s reports and producing such a successful response.

What happens next?

Publication of Climate Change Reports

All submitted climate change reports can be found in the reports section of our website


Analysis Report

The Analysis Report of 2016/17 climate change reports is available on the 2016/17 analysis page.


SSN member events

This year’s analysis will include a series of sector engagement events to provide opportunities for SSN Members to participate in the analysis and use of the Climate Change Reports.

The SSN team will provide feedback based on analysis of the Climate Change Reports. The events will then allow SSN Members to contribute to this analysis, explore areas for improvement, and identify recommendations. The events are also being designed to share examples of good practice gleaned from the reports. More information about these events will be sent directly to SSN Members.


Feedback on reports

General feedback on the reports will be published by 31st March. This will be in the form of a single feedback document where key themes and issues with the quality of reporting will be addressed. No individual feedback will be provided this year other than in exceptional circumstances.


Functional review

To inform the functional review of the reporting process, a survey was carried out in December 2017 to asking for feedback on the reporting process, online reporting platform, guidance and support provided.  The findings of this, plus comments gathered by the SSN team over the reporting period, will be used to inform a series of recommendations for the functional improvement of reporting. This functional review will be published by 31st March.


The deadline for Climate Change Reporting is next Thursday, 30 November – don’t leave it too late!


Tutorial videos now available for updated Carbon Footprint and Project Register (CFPR) Tool


New look - same content. We have updated the look of our guidance documents. 


Climate Change Reporting Populated Examples now available for each report section in our resources pages


Check out our new Climate Change Reporting Resources 


2017 GHG conversion factors released. View dataset and methodology

Online Reporting Platform

Access the online reporting platform for the completion of 2016/17 climate change reports

Log in details for new users

If you would like to create a new account for a member of staff contact the ScotXed team directly at: ScotXed@gov.scot and include in the e-mail the name of your organisation, the new account holder’s full name and the new account holder’s e-mail address.  In your email, state that you require access to the climate change collection.

Support available

Guidance notes on the information to be included within your 2016/17 Climate Change report and other resources are available in our climate change reporting resources section

Please contact the SSN team if you have any queries about completing Climate Change Reports.

Email: ssn@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

Phone: 01786 468784

Or you can contact individual members of the SSN team via our meet the team page.


In June 2017 SSN hosted a training event on ‘Getting Started on Climate Change Reporting’ aimed at those who are completing a climate change report for the first time. Slides (and videos from the 2016 training) are available in the resources section.


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