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Climate Change Reporting

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 introduced ambitious targets and legislation to reduce Scotland’s emissions by at least 80% by 2050.

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 places duties on public bodies relating to climate change. Further to the Act, in 2015 the Scottish Government introduced an Order requiring all Public Bodies who appear on the Major Player list to report annually to Scottish Ministers on their compliance with the climate change duties. The first mandatory reports were submitted on 30 November 2016. Annual reporting supports compliance with the public bodies duties and consolidates climate change information from the public sector.

This Public Bodies Climate Change Duties Reporting mechanism provides a solid basis for tracking public sector action on climate change and driving continuous improvement. The reporting platform introduces standard methodology to improve data consistency. Reports and analysis are publicly available, increasing accountability and transparency, and making it easier for the public and other parties to understand an organisation’s climate performance. This in turn is helping improve leadership and engagement, while raising awareness of the impact of climate change with senior management, ensuring climate change objectives are integrated in corporate business plans and action embedded across all departments.

The reporting framework also assists better decision making and strategic planning and helps identify opportunities for financial efficiencies and cost savings. A baseline from the 2016 reporting data will be established to identify future trends in performance.

The Scottish Government funds the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) to provide operational support for this reporting process. SSN acts as a single point of contact for all public bodies on reporting, providing training and support to bodies completing their reports, coordinating returns and analysing the data.

In November 2016 146 of the existing 150 Major Player organisations submitted reports and these are now available on the Climate Change Reports page, alongside the reports submitted for the 2014/15 pilot year.  The number of Major Player organisations increased from 150 to 180 for the 2016/17 reporting year.

We are delighted to publish an analysis report and briefing summary on the information provided within the 2015/16 Public Bodies Climate Change Reports.



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The Climate Change Assessment Tool (CCAT) helps public sector organisations in Scotland self-evaluate their performance under the public sector duties of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. The outputs are designed to complement, inform and support existing climate change policies and practices already operated by the public sector.