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Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) is the public sector officers’ network on sustainable development and climate change. Keep Scotland Beautiful manage and develop the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) on behalf of the Scottish Government.



Established in 2002, the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) is supported by the Scottish Government to be:

  • a bridge between the Scottish Government’s policy objectives and public sector climate action;
  • a trusted space for information exchange, dialogue, learning and collaboration;
  • a champion for sustainable development and climate change good practice within the public sector.


SSN works with public sector organisations in Scotland which have been identified as Major Players under ‘Part 4 – Public Bodies Duties’ of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.  The Major Players include Scotland's:

  • 32 local authorities,
  • 30 integration joint boards
  • 25 colleges
  • 19 universities
  • 14 regional NHS boards and 5 Special NHS Boards
  • 7 Regional Transport Partnerships
  • and many other national and regional bodies including Scottish Water, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Historic Environment Scotland.

A-Z list of Major Players  / List of Major Players by sector



A Dundee City Council electric vehicle


SSN Membership is open to working for one of the major player organisations and working in sustainable development, climate change or key related work areas. SSN currently has over 700 individual members, all of whom work on climate change, sustainability or energy in one of these organisations.  Please contact Kathryn Duncan if you would like to join.

SSN is guided by the SSN Steering Group which is made up of 14 SSN Members as well as representatives from the Scottish Government and Keep Scotland Beautiful. COSLA is represented as an observer on the Steering Group. The SSN Steering Group meets regularly to discuss policy developments, advise the SSN Secretariat and agree SSN programme developments.

To enable SSN to coordinate and scale-up activity, share information and good practice, develop case studies and collaborate on events, the network works with key national support bodies. These partners include NHS National Services Scotland, EAUC-Scotland, COSLA, Adaptation Scotland and Resource Efficient Scotland.

The Knowledge Hub is our online forum for SSN members to share and discuss sustainability and climate change work. To join this forum, please register with the Knowledge Hub and search for the Sustainable Scotland Network.

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