Frequently asked questions

We hope this section will help to answer questions you may have about the Community Climate Asset Fund (CCAF).

Most questions can be answered by checking main CCAF webpage with further detail available in the CCAF Guidance Notes.

We are also organising CCAF webinars where applicants can find out more about the fund and ask questions.

In addition, we have put together the below series of FAQ’s which we'll add to as required. Newly added FAQ's are included at the bottom of the list.

If after reading the CCAF webpages, Guidance Notes and consulting the FAQ's you still have a question, please join one of our CCAF webinar sessions which include a Q&A session. The first webinar took place on 13 October, with further webinars scheduled on 22 October, 28 October and 3 November. You can find out more through the CCAF webinars webpage which also includes a recording from the webinar of 13 October.

In the meantime, for any urgent questions, please contact us by email at climateaction@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

Q. What is the criteria for the CCAF?

A. The four criteria for CCAF applicants are available on the CCAF webpage here.

Full information is available in the CCAF Guidance Notes.


Q. What can the CCAF fund?

A. Fundable and non-fundable items, plus a list of further ineligible costs are outlined here.

Full information is available in the CCAF Guidance Notes.


Q. How do we know if our organisation is eligible to apply for CCAF funding?

A. To be eligible to apply for any CCAF funding your organisation will need to meet four criteria. These criteria are outlined on the CCAF webpage here alongside examples of eligible and ineligible organisations.

Full information is available in the CCAF Guidance Notes.


Q. Is match funding required?

A. Match funding is a requirement for grants depending on the size of grant requested.

  • Up to and including £10,000 do not require match funding.
  • Between £10,000 and £30,000 you will need to provide a minimum of 10% of match funding.
  • For £30,000 and over, you will need to provide a minimum of 20% match funding.

Match funding cannot be an ‘in-kind’ contribution in the form of volunteer or staff time.

Match funding cannot be from any other Scottish Government source.

Applicants can optionally provide match funding above the percentages stated above and should provide evidence and make this clear in the Application Form.

Full information is available in the CCAF Guidance Notes.


Q. What about application deadlines?

A. Applications will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis with a deadline of noon on Monday 9 November 2020. There may not be enough funding to support all eligible applications received by the deadline, so we encourage application submission as soon as possible.


Q. Can a community-based organisation submit CCAF applications for multiple projects?

A. No, only one application may be submitted per organisation.


Q. Can the CCAF fund staff or management costs?

A. No, the CCAF is designed to provide capital funding to community-based organisations to help them tackle climate change.


Q. Is there a maximum financial limit for CCAF grant applications?

A. The maximum amount of CCAF grant that a community-based organisation can apply for is £100,000.


Q. Can Climate Challenge Fund grant recipients applyto the CCAF?

A. Yes, CCF grant recipients that meet the criteria of the CCAF can apply


Q. Is CCAF funding available for community consultations?

A. No.


Q. Can climate change adaptation activities be included in CCAF applications?

A. No.


Q. Are the CCAF application form and guidance notes available online?

A. Yes, both are available via links on the CCAF webpage here.


Q. Is there a deadline by which CCAF funding must be spent?

A. All the CCAF funding must be spent by 31 March 2021.

Deadlines for reporting can be found in the CCAF Guidance Notes.


Q. How are grants paid to successful applicants?

A. For grant awards of between £1,000 and £10,000 we will transfer 100% of your award into your organisation’s designated bank account upon receipt of your signed grant acceptance.

For grant awards of over £10,000 we will transfer 60% of your award into your organisation’s designated bank account upon receipt of your signed grant acceptance, with the remaining balance paid on receipt of evidence of progress and spend.

Full details are provided in the CCAF Guidance Notes.


Q. Are CCAF grant recipients required to monitor the progress of their projects against objectives?

A. All grant recipients will be expected to submit a report which details their activities, spend, outcomes and lessons learned.

An audit may be carried out on some grant recipients. 

Find out more in the CCAF Guidance Notes.


Q. What other sources of funding are available?

A.  Funding Scotland has a comprehensive database of funding options.


New FAQ's


Q. Can schools and nurseries apply to the CCAF?

A. Local authority and non-profit schools and nurseries are eligible to apply for equipment to support community food growing, up to £10,000 maximum.


Q. Can more than one school in a local authority apply to the CCAF?

A. Yes, but please see FAQ above for further information on eligibility.


Q. Can a school and nursery on the same site apply separately?

A. Where a primary school and nursery share the same campus, they should apply together.

If there is a strong reason why this is not possible then we will consider separate applications.


Q. Can community-based organisations apply for energy efficient measures for new builds?

A. No, only currently existing community buildings are eligible to apply for energy efficient measures.


Q. Can I use a report from a Quantity Surveyor or an estimate instead of a quote?

A. No.


Q. Is a guide price from a website sufficient evidence for a quote?

A. No. For items over £500 you should provide a full quote from the supplier which confirms that discussions have taken place, a price has been offered to your organisation and that lead-times for delivery are stated as well as all supporting costs such as delivery, tax, etc. Screenshots from websites will not be accepted as sufficient evidence.


Q. Can Scottish Government loans or other types of Scottish Government funding be used for match funding? 

A. No.


Q. Is beekeeping equipment eligible for funding? 

A. No, this counts as livestock which is ineligible. 


Q. Is funding available to refurbish community owned buildings to be let as residential property to individuals?

A. No. Buildings must be used by and open to the community.



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